June 29, 2010

Tales of a Post-Modern Summer. Part FOUR

The penultimate part of this five-piece epos!
With temperatures soaring and hormones raging, nothing is more summery than a garden party.

Part IV of V
"Al Fresco Fun"
Sultry dusk. Switch on the stereo, light oodles of candles and get out your cocktail shaker. Friends gather round to dance, to see and to be seen. A blur of pink and azure, you jump and laugh like there's no tomorrow because there might not even be one. You're living in the moment, you're living in absolute bliss.

Shades: SUPER
Shirt+Cardigan: 3.1. Phillip Lim
Belt: Kitsuné
Chambray sneakers: Keds

June 19, 2010

Long Live Love

I guess you could say that I'm a bit of a romantic. I'm not talking about the grand gestures, the sweeping off feet and suprising someone so they're nearly in cardiac arrest, but about my taste in clothes. I love seeing girls in floaty dresses, their tresses long and preferably laden with flowers. Soft, supple leather accessories, floral prints, ruffles, bows: you name it, I love it. For a girl, it's a tad easier to have a romantic way of dressing, for men it can be a bit trickier. Impossible? No.
I've already mentioned one of my favourite designers around, the Dutch Sjaak Hullekes, in a previous post. Now Sjaak is back for Spring/Summer 2011, with another formidable collection, aptly named 'Harvest Home'.
Soft yet rich colours, gorgeous fabrics that are greatly cut, I have no other way of putting it: I'm in love.

I got interviewed!

My precious reader(s)!
I got interviewed for the New Look Belgium Blog, and I love the result! Ch-ch-check it out, y'all (yes, lame psuedo-rapping is still how I get down)! 
You can find the link by clicking here. No seriously, click the word 'here'. Well not the second 'here', the first 'here', you hear?
I'm going to stop now.

June 15, 2010


I had the pleasure of receiving this wonderful fan art from Patrick of http://tridaln08.deviantart.com. It looks positively amazing, so thank you very much, Patrick. If anyone feels the urge to express their artistic being in favour of my little blog, I'd be delighted to see what you can do.

June 13, 2010


I'm such a dim-witted twit, I've totally missed the fact that I've surpassed the 100 posts milestone! Yay me!
And yay you, for sticking with Style For Guys! Love you big time!
So does Kate.
 And Sean.
images: Vogue Hommes International SS10 and Google images.

Tales of a Post-Modern Summer. Part THREE

The saga continues!
This time, I'm taking you on a road trip. Not your average alcohol-fueled, Journey mix-taped, sweat-stained, Route Soixante-Six, beat-up old Chevy 
college road trip. I'm talking a classy ride - a '55 Mercedes 300SL or '65 Aston Martin DB5 Vantage -, a dandy get-up, a bottle of chilled Bollinger and a creamy leather weekend bag in the boot.
Follow me.

Act III of V
"Road Romance"
You get in. Slam the door. Full throttle. Nowhere to go but ahead.
As the road winds up the viridian hill, you let a little smile flash across your face. The swirling wind messes up your perfectly tousled hair, but you don't care. A cigarette dangles from your lip as you hum a tune. 
On a fast track to nowhere. And you love it.
Jacket: H&M
Shirt: Paul Smith
Trousers: Burberry Prorsum
Shoes: Bottega Veneta
Sunglasses: LGR
Travel bag: Balenciaga
Belt: Ralph Lauren
Scarf: H&M

Champagne and Cosmetics

This week I was invited to the very first edition of the 'I Love Beauty Awards', organised by Flair and Ici Paris XL.
It was a grim Wednesday, pouring with rain as it so often does on a Belgian June day, but that didn't stop the guests from dressing to the nines and getting their hair and make-up did*. Armed with my newly acquired crappy umbrella, I made my way to the event and when I arrived I was immediately dazzled by the sheer magnitude of the room and the touches of pink everywhere.
I had a lovely time chatting and outfit-watching with my fab counterparts Lisha and Nini of Joliette, IT-Girl's Kim and Maaike from Honest Beauty. I also saw my other blogger friends like Laura, Cyrielle, Emi and Klodia again, which was lovely.
Numerous 'best product' awards were handed to cosmetics representatives in a whirlwind show, lewd nudity courtesy of the Crazy Horse girls. The biggest star of the night was the gorgeous Elettra Rossellini Wiedemann. Yes, daughter of Isabella Rossellini, granddaughter of Ingrid Bergman and current face of LancĂ´me. And as I was making my way to the lovely peeps of Belmodo, of course I almost ran her over. Mes excuses, Elettra dahling
After the awards, DJ Martin Solveig kept the bass thumping and I ended this glamorous evening voyaging home with the hilarious Marie from Oona, who had so gracefully invited me in the first place. 
*yes, I do realise this is grammatically incorrect,but get with the street vernacular, y'all!
                                                          Miss Wiedemann strikes a pose
                                                                    The show stage