July 16, 2011


Here at the Style For Guys Offices, i.e. my smalltown bedroom, we are pleased to announce an official Matinique collaboration! This Danish brand started making waves in 1973, and has continued to produce classically stylish clothes for men, with a contemporary feel. I always looked at Matinique as the brand your sophisticated older brother wears, but now it seems I have become the older brother. Every month I'll be reviewing a few pieces, and style them to create my own Matinique looks!
This month I made two looks to suit the iffy weather: a casual sporty look and a modern urban look. What do you guys think?

July 14, 2011

The Choo Empire Expands

 If any of you are history buffs, you might not find this post to be what the title suggest. I'm not talking about some Chinese general gnawing at parts of pre-industrial Russia, but about shoes. Choo shoes! Jimmy Choo needs no introduction, and if they do you clearly weren't alive when they collaborated with H&M! In that collection men finally got to see what their line would look like if it existed. Guess what: it exists now! The very first official Jimmy Choo menswear line is for AW11, and boy does it look chic. Through collaborating with MR PORTER for a short film and campaign images by fashion photography legend Steven Meisel, their fashion legacy is sure to ramify deeply into men's fashion. From sophisticated black leather monkstrap dress shoes over casual sneakers to sexy leopard print loafers, the Choo collection bids to offer every kind of stylish gent an option. I've waited a long time to be able to say: "Don't step on my Choos!". The day has come!
What do you guys think?

Run (in the) Forest, Run!

I don't mean to brag (I totally do), but for someone who doesn't exercise ever; I'm a pretty decent runner. So when I was invited to try out the new Nike &TomTom Sportwatch on Tuesday, I was well excited! This new watch is totally James Bond (GPS technology, y'all!): it tells you where you went running, if you've improved and motivates you to get better! You just have to connect the watch to your pc and on the Nike Plus website you can see all your running stats (and which of your friends are kicking your butt)! All it doesn't do is shoot poison darts to take out evil masterminds (but it's software-based, so it just might in the future!)
Together with my colleague bloggers we were to take this new Nike Gear for a spin in the Jubelpark in Brussels. First we got to try on some new outfits, and I love that Nike has a sense of humour, as seen on my lovely friends Gilles and Jennifer :
And after we were explained how the technical aspects of this watch worked, we went running for the hills!
I looked Jesus in the eye and said: "If you make it rain and ruin my hair, you're dead! Well, even more so."
If you want to see me and my scrawny legs in action, read more!

July 11, 2011

Rise & Fall

The protest of young people doesn't just inspire political and sociodemographic change, apparently also fashion shoots! These beautiful photographs by Sharif Hamza feature the key pieces for this fall, including designers like Marc Jacobs, YSL, Gucci, Prada, Jil Sander, Burberry, Tim Coppens and many more.
"The revolution will be sartorialized", VMan states. With the ongoing struggle in Belgian politics and failure to reach consensus, this shoot sure seems quite apt. One can only hope the outcome will be just as stylish!

July 04, 2011

Summer Style Influencer: Juan Cocco

I've been following this handsome young Spaniard's blog for over a year now, so it's high time to share with you guys the glory that is Juan Cocco. He's only 21 but has this amazing sense of laid-back-yet-not-lazy style. His pictures make looking stylish so effortless, yet there's a thorough knowledge of fashion that goes behind this. He looks like the guy you just want to be friends with and knows where all the fun stuff goes down. You just want to crack open some Coronas on the beach with him! He mixes vintage pieces with young brands and established designers.
Juan Cocco is my summer style influencer #1! Do you guys like his style?
You go, Juan Cocco!
Mean Girls references for the win.

July 03, 2011

Starvin' For Some Carven

I love it when an old fashion house gets brushed up and injected with some cc's of cool. The French house of Carven is no different: started up in 1945 but run down by debt in the 90s, only to be rejuvenated now by the talented Guillaume Henry. I had fallen for the brand seeing a few twee little dresses on the likes of Alexa Chung and on Net-A-Porter, but I'm completely smitten now after seeing their S/S12 collection for men. I normally refrain from posting collections too far ahead, but I couldn't hold on to these gems for another year now could I? How can you not love the powder colour palettes, the colour blocks, teal shorts, the amazing tweed booties and romantic silhouettes? Très français, quoi!

July 02, 2011

How To Survive The Insanity Of Summer Sales

You know the drill: big neon letters screaming at you from every window display, queues at the fitting rooms to make you want to go trichotillomanic, and random bitches snatching away that top you've been lusting after since like the day before you were born. It's summer sales time! Running from store to store sweat-soaked and frustrated may be your description of a cruise trip to hell, but if you hang in there you just might stumble across that rare sales gem: something you really want, for no money at all. 
To survive all this mayhem, you need to dress appropriately and comfortably and that's where I come in.
Cue cheesy gratuitous photo of a man clutching a clothing item he seems so excited to try on!