July 14, 2011

Run (in the) Forest, Run!

I don't mean to brag (I totally do), but for someone who doesn't exercise ever; I'm a pretty decent runner. So when I was invited to try out the new Nike &TomTom Sportwatch on Tuesday, I was well excited! This new watch is totally James Bond (GPS technology, y'all!): it tells you where you went running, if you've improved and motivates you to get better! You just have to connect the watch to your pc and on the Nike Plus website you can see all your running stats (and which of your friends are kicking your butt)! All it doesn't do is shoot poison darts to take out evil masterminds (but it's software-based, so it just might in the future!)
Together with my colleague bloggers we were to take this new Nike Gear for a spin in the Jubelpark in Brussels. First we got to try on some new outfits, and I love that Nike has a sense of humour, as seen on my lovely friends Gilles and Jennifer :
And after we were explained how the technical aspects of this watch worked, we went running for the hills!
I looked Jesus in the eye and said: "If you make it rain and ruin my hair, you're dead! Well, even more so."
If you want to see me and my scrawny legs in action, read more!

Whoever said bloggers were lazy and never get from behind their computers? Tweeting and running should be an olympic discipline!
I had a great time, and with an outfit so cool (and comfy) I'm motivated to get my exercise on again. Just challenge me on Nike Plus and may the best fashionisto win!

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