April 19, 2014


I came across this Sad'n'Sassy banner on Tumblr and felt this perfectly embodied the look for this spring. It's never really that chic to look as though you're profoundly satisfied, is it? One's allure is mainly determined by how gut-devouring a secret it seems like one is keeping, while still looking earth-shatteringly snazzy. It's all about looking beat down, but with a #beatface.  This spring, you are a Baudelaire poem as narrated by RuPaul. You are #sadsy
Here are three key S/S14 looks for the sad yet sassy among us.

1) A Kit Neale top. Its print and colour palette reminds people of the glossy covers of their 80s childhood friendship books (#sadface #nostalgia), but the mesh fabric also gives onlookers a hint of nip (#cheeky #sass). 
2) This Carven get-up. Ben Allen's face just says it all, really. Beige, beige, beige - ooh, chartreuse?
3) These Neil Barrett tops. The fluidity of the prints reads like the crashing waves of your caliginous state of mind (#dark), yet a resounding finger-snap can also be heard throughout the world when you and your bestie step out in matching outfits. (Sidenote: Seriously Ben Allen, do you need a hug, though?)
All images copyright of the respective brands. Editing by me.

Are you ready to be #sadsy?