July 31, 2010

Tales of a Post-Modern Summer. Part FIVE

It has come this far.
It's the season finale.
It's the 'Omigad-why-did-they-kill-off-Marissa-I-will-never-forgive-you-Josh-Schwartz' moment.
[No but seriously, when they killed off Marissa Cooper, they killed Mischa Barton. I mean, what has she been doing lately asides from accumulating cellulite and not putting her patented California slurred speech to good - acting - use? Miss you, Mushy!]
I digress.
Thunderbolt and lightning, this post-modern pentalogy had to come to an end one day. And what better place to end it all than the beach?

Part V of V
"Beach Bonfire"
Crackle. Snap. Pop. 
Flames roaring, bottles popping, sand chafing. 
It's the end of a day of sun-soaking and swimming and you're setting the beach alight, looking like a summer paradox in macabre McQueen.
Stumble. Trip. Scream.
Insane laughter, inebriated inappropriateness, all-round glee.
Baby, you can light my fire.

Entire look: Alexander McQueen

July 20, 2010

Le Je-Ne-Sais-Quoi

Meet Tate.
Some guys just have 'it', that 'je-ne-sais-quoi' all of us long to possess but not always are able to obtain. 25 year-old Tate Geborkoff first caught my eye on Twitter, which is quite an accomplishment since profile pictures there are positively Lilliputian, but he did. So as I got to know Tate a bit better, I discovered that he not only has an alluring sense of style, but a covetable and carefully assembled wardrobe to boot. Top that off with an amiable personality, fetching features and his trademark pompadour and hey presto: you've got yourself a style icon. Drawing from an innate flair for fashion and his passion for writing (Tate is a talented playwright), he recently started a blog about his thoughts on fashion, lifestyle and theatre called 'The Glamorous Life of Tate Geborkoff'.
So tell me, who better could I pick for the first instalment of the "Le Je-Ne-Sais-Quoi" Q&A?

Have you always been interested in fashion and what is your earliest fashion-related memory?
I’ve always loved looking put together. My grandparents had a huge role in shaping my love for fashion (especially my grandmother). My earliest fashion memory was when my grandmother took me into her bedroom and showed me her Vuitton flat shopper from the 60’s and the Burberry trench my grandfather came to America in (from 1949).

If you were forced to only wear one label for the rest of your days, what would it be?
Although I love the theatricality of Alexander McQueen and the elegance of Lanvin, if I could only wear one designer it would be Prorsum. I think what Christopher Bailey does with clothing is pure poetry.

What menswear trends do you truly abhor?
I hate that designers are leaning towards shapeless clothes. Call me old-fashioned (60’s at least) but clothing needs to be tailored and trim.

Is there any piece in your wardrobe you’d never ever part with?
My navy asymmetrical McQueen cardigan (Spring 2008).

What piece of clothing is number one on your wish list?
I am desperate for this beautiful, heavy wool, McQueen toggle coat in charcoal from Barneys.

As a playwright and theatre buff, what is the most fashionable play or musical you’ve ever seen?
I personally thought that the revival of A Little Night Music was extraordinary in terms of fashion and the music is beautiful. But the most fashionable? Stephen Sondheim’s “Follies”. Hands down.

 Why did you start blogging?
I think that there is a valid place out there for a men’s lifestyle blog with my sort of slant.

Is there anyone in the fashion industry you’d love to meet?
Christopher Bailey. If you are reading this Chris, marry me!

Do you believe anyone can learn to become stylish or does one simply have to have ‘it’?
I think there is a difference between stylish and fashionable. I think anyone can be fashionable, but not everyone can be stylish. Stylish, to me, isn’t about what you’re wearing, it is how you wear it and goes beyond that to the way you conduct everything in your life. You can’t spell lifestyle without it.

And finally, have you got a fundamental style rule or tip the SFG readers should know about?
You don’t have to have money or expensive clothes to be stylish. Take pride in whatever it is that you are and do, and live your life honestly to yourself with confidence. There isn’t anything more stylish than that.

I couldn't agree more.
Tate wears: Striped shirt, skull scarf, grey trousers, navy jumper and 'God Save McQueen' scarf by Alexander McQueen
                 Tote, sunglasses and iridiscent and sequin dress shoes by Louis Vuitton
                 Bow tie by Lanvin
                 Striped Jumper by Marc Jacobs Collection
                 Belt by H&M

Photographs by Keelan Andrews
Big thank you, Tate, for your time!

July 16, 2010

Hey Jay!

Jay Baruchel and I, we go way back. And by 'way back' I mean that I've liked him since I've first spotted him, and that he has no clue who the freaking hell I am. I don't know why I enjoy his work that much, I guess because he was in my favourite film EVARR - Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist - and that he's a tad geeky but in a cool way. Oh, and he's Canadian and everybody knows that Canada is the Europe of North America, right? I even forced one of my BFF's to google his name on his mobile phone in Barcelona - which was totally expensive - because I was freaking out that I couldn't remember his name. So now he and his name are forever engraved in the lobes of my brain. So why am I talking about J.B. (yeah, that's how I call him now, that's how I roll)? He's in August's issue of American GQ and he's looking really fine in those stylish outfits. Pick up an issue or check it out here!
 images: www.gq.com / photos by Ben Watts

July 08, 2010


When I'm out shopping, there's a special kind of system I use to determine whether a piece of clothing is worth purchasing or not. Here's an exclusive look into my head when I'm on a wardrobe witch hunt. I'll just put my wand to my head and pull out the memories and place them into the Pensieve (for some of you, that made total sense, others will think I've gone barmy). I'm just so excited for Harry Potter 7 to come out! Can you tell I'm excited? I'm really excited! Crazy eyes! Heavy panting!
I'm sorry about that. Where were we? Ah, yes, my head! Warning, I get pretty brutal sometimes! Take a look-see...

"Ladida, I'm walking down the streets, looking at the shops. Ohmifeckinglord what is she wearing? I hate harem pants. I'm hungry. Ooh, I like that store, I saw that thing that looked like that other expensive thing there once I liked. Hmm.. everything looks kinda generic. Seen that, don't like that. Those shoes are kind of cu- Oh, no pointy tips, mental barf. Next! Ooh, those tranny heels would be perfect for my sister. Next store! Dare I go in? I hate it when there are guards at the door. Ah, what the hell, I look kind of rich today. Ooh, shiny! I'm touching the 3000 euro lambskin bag! Are those? Is that? Oh em gee: I DIE!"

I told you it wasn't pretty! When I'm on the prowl for apparel, I get so shallow you couldn't drown a mosquito in my thoughts. Sure, brainwork like that won't win me the Pulitzer if I turn it into a memoir or grant me Mensa membership, but all of that doesn't matter when I get the 'I DIE' moment. Two simple words and I'm smitten. I die. If I don't 'die', it's not happening.
Now that's a whole lot of vocables for a straight-forward concept, but I just like writing a longer piece every now and then. You're still here? Good. 
If you haven't smashed your face into the keyboard with boredom yet, you're probably wondering what my GENIUS title has to do with anything of this. As you may know, sometimes articles of clothing haunt me, and I'm afraid I must announce I'm dealing with another sartorial poltergeist.
Riccardo Tisci, you ruin me! I am completely besotted by these S/S '10 Givenchy - sometimes studded - mandals! 
When I first laid eyes on these puppies a few months back, I thought they were way extreme, but they grew on me like Ron on Hermione (here I go again, stop me!). So it's fair to say, that yours truly not just dies by seeing them, I freaking asphyxiate and tip over.
Now everytime I hear chic footsteps (yes, those exist) my brain is like:

"Supahfiercestuddedsandals, is datchu?".

photo by Tommy Ton of Jak&Jil