March 26, 2010

Win! Win! Win!

Ik heb de grote eer jullie mee te delen dat ik twee tickets mag weggeven voor het fabulous Hilfiger Denim LIVE event, volgende donderdag 1 april (de geboortedag van deze blog!) in de K-Nal te Brussel.
Fantastische bands als Das Pop, Pase Rock, Team William  etc. zullen optreden, so you better be there.
Het enige wat je moet doen is vóór dinsdagmiddag 12 uur op de Style For Guys Facebookpagina of via mail deze vraag beantwoorden: 
"Wat heb je Bent Van Looy en Das Pop altijd al willen vragen?"
De twee winnaars krijgen niet alleen een ticket (t.w.v. 10 euro) maar ook hun vraag wordt aan Das Pop gevraagd in het Ü interview met de jongens!
Wees snel en wees origineel!

March 21, 2010

La Belgique C'est Chique (Part Cinq)

This is the fifth instalment of my 'Belgian designers series' and this time I've selected to highlight a brand that's not about haute couture and international fashion weeks, but the stylish and sophisticated prêt-à-porter brand named Essentiel
Hailing from Antwerp, Essentiel designs outfits for women, men as well as children. With a very distinct aesthetic, mostly kind of ethnic and nature-inspired but always modern, they have become a household name in Belgium as well as the rest of Europe (France, Spain, Scandinavia, Italy...)
The label was created in 1999 by Esfandiar Eghtessadi and his wife Inge Onsea and started out as just a t-shirt line, so they sure have come a long way.
I particularly like their SS10 men's collection, inspired by Palm Springs and its summery colour palette and shapes.
These are my favourites:

(source: Essentiel press office)

March 13, 2010

"Really?" - "Yeah, TOTES."

The tote bag is one of the most practical and unisex accessories I know: you can just throw all your random crap in it and go. To the shops, lectures or the beach; your trustworthy tote will accompany you everywhere you go. 
You could get all D.I.Y. and make one yourself, which would be totally creative, original and street-savvy.
Or you could just buy one.
There's such a panoply of different sizes, fabrics and colours of totes to choose from; it could be a luxurious lambskin one you bring with you aboard a yacht or it could be the old 'I-got-this-for-free-somewhere-and-it's-covered-in-bicycle-chain-grease-and-grass-stains-but-I-won't-part-with-it tote'.
There are different totes for every personality, so I did what I love most and divided all of mankind into three nifty categories because 'simplified' is the new 'Kafkaesque'.

1. The hipster cool dude everyone wants to be friends with on Facebook.
This Henrik Vibskov tote (€55) is perfect for the guy that's always at the hottest parties and has permanently perfect bed-hair. Envious, moi?

2. The suave Italian jet-setter with teeth so bright, they have their own solar system.
This is a man that goes through life in the finest leather loafers, has 'Non mi importa quanto costa, coglione!'* tattooed on his forehead and a Vogue Uomo in his Prada tote (€1905).

3. You.
If you're reading this, it means that you most likely enjoy this blog or at least take the time to read what I write before hating it. In case of the first, why not get this simple Ralph Lauren tote ($145) with the Style For Guys initials on it? 

* Italian for: "I don't care how much it costs, bitch!"

March 06, 2010

Where my Belgians At?

A rare, short post in Dutch today:
Voor alle Vlaamse lezers van Style For Guys, het zou me heel gelukkig maken moesten jullie vandaag De Standaard kopen aangezien er een stukje in De Standaard Magazine staat, getiteld 'Bloggers In Wonderland', en ik maak er deel van uit. De styling/productie is van Knotoryus, de fotografie van Boy Kortekaas en visagie/haar van Sabine Peeters en het resultaat is fantastisch dus zeker uitchecken die handel!
Ook heb ik voor The Word Magazine, wat een hele eer is, een kort stukje geschreven. The Word is gratis verkrijgbaar in winkels zoals Urban Outfitters, Princess Blue (Antwerpen), Limits Gent, Cream Gent, Rewind Gent, Waterstone's Brussels etc. De volledige lijst vind je hier.
Alvast een dikke merci!

And this is what Google Translate thinks I just said:
For readers of all Flemish Style For Guys, I would be very happy you were to buy today, the Standard since a piece in The Standard State Magazine, titled "Bloggers in Wonderland ', and I'm part of it. The styling, photography and make-up artists is great, so definitely check out the trade!
Also I have The Word Magazine, which is a great honor, a short written. The Word is freely available in stores like Urban Outfitters, Princess Blue (Antwerpen), Ghent Limits, Cream Gent, Gent Rewind, Waterstone's Brussels etc. The full list can be found here.
Already a big thanks! (sic)

Ah, how little sense that makes.

March 02, 2010

"Take a picture, it'll last longer! Or, like, put that picture on a t-shirt for maximum longevity?"

Not only is this the longest blog title in the history of Style For Guys, it's also my favourite one.
In fact, I'm not sure I should even write anything else because this titular gem has already said it all: photographic tees are the shiz (which is young-people speak for 'awesome', mother).
The t-shirt may well be the most basic yet underappreciated piece of clothing, but it's incredible versatility and comfort is not to be trifled with!
Instead of failing to acknowledge Mr. Tee's (amazing pun #327) amazingness, why not proudly put him on display?
These next photographic tees will not suffer any fools and are meant to be seen!
I love them, ergo, so should you (please).

From top to bottom:
Christopher Kane (€202)
Bless (€275)
Diesel (€221)