May 27, 2009

The Copycat

Remember that 'Gentleman Safari' part of my Spring/Summer Trend Report?
Well, I've found another design that seamlessly blends into that look, and just looking at the clothes makes me think of sultry summer days and blissful leisure time on a yacht's
deck (or in my case, someone's backyard deck.)
And I'll definitely be keeping this look in the back of my mind on a next shopping excursion, I suggest you do the same.
I'm talking about this fantastic look by 3.1 Phillip Lim.
The sand silk front cardigan paired with the light grey cargo shorts works wonderfully, and the large sunglasses add a finishing touch.
However, I know python is also a trend right now (quoted directly from French Vogue editor-in-chief Carine Roitfeld), but I'm just not feeling it, and henceforth would not wear those shoes with this outfit. Python shoes just bring images of P.I.M.P. to my mind, and that's not a look I'm deliberately going for. Anyway, thank you Phillip Lim!


May 18, 2009

Nosey colours

Almost too nice to blow your nose in, this £19 Paul Smith handkerchief is the perfect little after-thought gift.
Hint, hint.
And if you're desperate, why not try the old 'I-dropped-my-handkerchief-would-you-please-pick-it-up-and-take-me-out-afterwards' trick! It's 2009, men can do that too now.


May 13, 2009

Slow Traffic Ahead

My dearest reader(s),
Due to the inevitable final exams coming up shortly, I won't have much time (or any time at all) to post anything new for a litte while.
Hope you can understand, and I hope to welcome you back in a few weeks because I'll be back swiftly!
In the meanwhile, the professional style bloggers will be able to provide you with your beloved fashion news.
Keep on looking good!

May 04, 2009

Olfaction & Satisfaction

One may have the most impeccable sense of style and henceforth dress flawlessly.
One may have the chiseled features of Michelangelo's David.
But if one smells like a landfill on a hot afternoon, all the above are to no avail.
Smelling good is an important feature of the stylish, modern man. Spraying on some perfume is the finishing touch and might just be the key to your success.
However, there are many mistakes to be made, so take heed!
Common Mistake #1: Abundance
I used to have a male teacher who had a very distinct fragrance he used to wear every day. The problem was he used so much, you could smell the man from miles away and after one of his classes you were quite sure your hair still smelled like him!
You may be wearing the best scent out there, if you apply too much of it you simply become nauseating. One or two spritzes should suffice!
Common mistake # 2: Seasonal Errors
This should be simple, though some simply don't grasp the fact that light and fresh fragrances are for the spring and summer months, while heavier, woodier scents are meant to be worn in the autumn and winter months.
Common mistake #3: Storage
I know the feeling when you get or buy a new fragrance you love to just display it for all to see. But trust me on this one: if you put your bottles in their packaging in a nice box or dark closet they'll last for a whole while longer and they'll retain their original smell much more. Sunlight and heat change its chemical consistency, you see.
What scent works best for you is quite personal, a fragrance you think is to die for may smell like cat pee to another person. When you've found the one smell everybody seems to give you positive comments about, stick to it and make it your signature eau de toilette.
There's a plethora of fragrances out there, but my personal favourites remain Dior Homme, Chanel Homme Sport (Edition Blanche) and good old Ralph Lauren Polo Sport.
Here are some of the latest fragrances.

The Beat For Men (Burberry). It's described as "a fresh woody fragrance contained in a metal and glass bottle with classic Burberry check. The scent captures all the characteristics of the beat man, it's masculine, effortless and distinctive with a modern, original identity."
I just really like its cocktail shaker bottle!

Only The Brave (Diesel). If the name of this fragrance wasn't enough of a give-away, how about the bottle? It's a clenched fist of glass with a Diesel-embossed ring! It doesn't get more rugged than this, so try at your own risk! It contains lemon, leather, cedar and amber and is very masculine and determined.
And finally, this new fragrance by Hugo Boss called Hugo Element. The bottle supposedly symbolises an oxygen tank. It's targeted towards young, urban men. Jonathan Rhys Meyers reprises his role as Hugo Boss face and spokesperson. The scent is fresh and aquatic with notes of ginger and coriander.

La Belgique, C'est Chique

As promised, today I present you with another prominent figure in the world of fashion and style, who also happens to be Belgian.
Last time I talked about Dries Van Noten, today it's all about Raf Simons.
Raf Simons is one of Belgium's many fine designers, and has garnered a lot of praise and international attention over the last few years. Many know him as the creative director of Jil Sander or for his own line Raf Simons.
Simons started his education as an industrial designer, but I'm most delighted he strayed from that path. His career in fashion design has taken him to many places and he has worked with companies from backpack manufacturer Eastpak to most recently a collaboration with Fred Perry.
Whether you choose his Raf Simons, Raf by Raf Simons or Jil Sander collection, you can rest assured you'll be looking stylish, simple and sophisticated.

I put together my favourite looks from his Jil Sander and his eponymous line for Spring/Summer '09. Enjoy!
Jil Sander

Raf Simons