May 24, 2012


Last week I had a blast doing a shoot with the lovely Tiany, Lucie and Axelle! We gave the people of Antwerp Berchem our fanciest poses and vogue walks, while they thought we were absolutely insane. Axelle was smart and brought her Stella McCartney shades with her, the rest of us just squinted away into the bright sunshine. Modeling is hard, y'all! My mint trousers, belt and jumper were by Scotch and Soda, my shirt was by Essentiel.

May 20, 2012


What makes a man sexy? Is it tufts of chest hair undulating softly in the mid-noon breeze? Is it taut tan skin over rippling muscles, an ivory smile and dimples reminiscent of sunshine and baby laughter? 
NO, STUPID, IT'S CLOTHES! What did you expect?
Let's look at some items I, the ultimate Seksi-Meister (coughing so hard), deem to be alluring. Wear this and  the old pocket monster will definitely land some action! I'm nudging you repetitively on the elbow and winking right now, can you tell? Right-o, on with the show!

Holy Ahmadinejad, this ASOS vest is seksi! The innocent floral print paired with the hint of sideboob plays into that whole Madonna-Whore dichotomy that so many people find attractive. Stop clawing at your computer screen! Mental sidenote: must work out more to pull off vest. Or work out at all, to begin with.

This Adidas Originals jacket says: "Come hither, I'm the steamy jock with a dangerous streak and I'll hit a home-run every time. I'll also flunk out of Algebra so the coach won't let me play at the big game but the talent scout from that important team is coming to the game so I need to get my GPA up otherwise I won't get a scholarship and I can only do that after a montage of me studying all night long for finals and suddenly realising that dorks can be cool as well and all hard work pays off in the end".

These Acne jeans have a zipper, because nobody likes fiddling with buttons! Roll up the cuffs for extra bad-assness, please.

For stomping all over the emotions of your next conquest. 
LOL JK, be nice to people!

For tipping down and looking over the top, with one brow aloft and a cheeky smirk painted on your face. As one does. Look at this amazing pair of army green shades by Dries Van Noten and Linda Farrow!

Now you're all set. Go forth, and be sexy!

May 12, 2012


This week has been a chain of wonders. I came in second in my category at the Weekend Blog Awards, which is a massive honour. It was a perfect evening and seeing all my best friends in blogging again was a true delight. Shout-out to my '9000 crew', Ghentstreetstyle, for the crazy ride! And thank you, all of you, for voting so arduously. Oh, and I know it seems like I wear that burgundy blazer every day. But that's only because I do.
Ü represent with powerhouse manager Marie and Handsome Hannes (phot. W. Van Vaerenbergh)

With the amazing Tom & Stijn of I Love Belgium (phot. by Kim Siroyt)
I also had the most interesting meeting ever, received some exhilarating e-mails (excuse the obligatory blogger mystery, all will be clear in due time). 
You know how, for a long time, life can make you feel as if you're on a creaky tobogan to Nowhere? But then there are days you don't know what to look forward to or marvel at first? This week has been a case of the latter, and I'm so grateful. 
So here's a cheers to Cloud Nine, to feelings of accomplishment and to being young. Youth isn't everything and it sure can be a massive disadvantage when you're trying to figure things out. But it's the lunacy of living life in complete insecurity, of never knowing where the hell you'll be in a few years time that makes it worth the while. 'Youth is wasted on the young', arid malcontents say. Wrong!
I'm savouring every minute.