June 23, 2011

I'm so excited and I just can't Haider

Besides the fact that that is the best/worst title I've ever let escape from these fingertips to your cornea's, I truly love this Haider Ackermann vest. It's subtle and supple, the right shade of navy black and just goes with everything. Because 'everything' is super vague, I added some other items I thought would look good with it. But if you'd decide to only wear the vest, I wouldn't hold it against you.
LOL J/K put some clothes on, nasty!


Nothing says "menswear ad" like men in no kind of wear, a haunting Schubert score morphing into underground 80s swinger's club chanting of the name 'Mugler' and Ke$ha-esque paintfighting. Genius or ghastly? I'll let you guys decide! 
Disclaimer: I'm not saying this video is NSFW, but don't go forwarding it to your boss either!


June 19, 2011

Set Fire To The Rain

The sun's been around for billions of years, so you'd guess it'd have memorised its task by now. Yet sometimes she refuses to do her thang (yes, I just said 'thang', Kevin Gnapoor ain't got nothin' on me!). So you've already laid out your most bodacious sunbathing ensemble and the grey clouds roll in and turn that smile around. The happy sun is a faint memory and all you want to do is stay inside and stuff your face with Werther's Originals and watch B-movies. While I'm not denying the cinematic importance of "Don't All Uncles Touch You There? - The Ella McGonnigall Story", there's something to be said about manning up and facing the sunshine. Ahem, rain. Put on a dapper outfit, accesorize with a bright umbrella and nothing will be able to rain on your parade! 
Except maybe my rain-related puns. 

Full Blooded Wrist Candy

 -Sponsored Post-
My first ever watch was a colourful little Swatch, that seemed to be unbreakable. I sort of grew out of my Swatch, but I'm pleased to see that the Swiss brand is back in full swing. Check out the all new Swatch Full Blooded collection! True to their Swiss heritage, these babies mix reliability with technology in their plastic and aluminium casings in matching colours. Lightweight, young and durable: you can't go wrong with a Swatch, can you? 

Blazers of Glory: My Fashion Lovestory

I started getting serious about fashion when I was about fifteen. I didn't tell anybody, and still dressed like a total mouche, but a spark was lit. I'd stay up late writing e-mails to any prêt-à-porter brand I could think of, asking the PR's if they'd send me a catalogue. I would come home from school excited to find yet another package for me. At first my mum chuckled and said:"If these brands ever find out that you're just a teenage kid, they're gonna regret spending a penny on postage!". After a while she didn't think much of all the correspondence from Italy, Germany and France for me. One time U.P.S. came by to deliver a heavy Pal Zileri lookbook from Italy, and I had to sign off on it! It needs no saying that I was beyond stoked. I'd sit in my chaise and drive my sisters mental watching 'Fashion TV' all day long and commenting on the poor style of montage. I'd drive friends insane telling them exactly what high fashion brand Zara or H&M emulated with every particular piece, or please them by saying they looked 'so Chloé'. 

My sister bought me a VMAN in 2007, with Orlando Bloom on the cover, and I was lost forever. Shamefaced, I'd quickly skip through the pages with scantily clad adonises in the magazine but stopped in my tracks when I saw this picture:
It was a seersucker SS07 Balenciaga blazer with an embroidered crest. I was smitten. I'd have many other love affairs with various blazers over the years to come, but that blazer was my very first love.

You're A Gem, Mister Siem

Handsome, talented and stylish. In no particular order are these the first words that come to mind when I think of Charlie Siem. This young British violin virtuoso has taken the world by storm with his unmatched skills and striking appearance. I'm always in want of some new style inspiration, and I just love Siem's quintessentially British sense of poise and distinction. What he lacks in age, he makes up for with talent, an inherent flair for the finer things in life and positivity. And who can resist that accent? The fashion world also fully embraces Charlie, as he is one of the new ambassadors for dunhill and he was shot for the latest issue of VMAN. Basically, he makes me want to excel at what I do and perhaps pick up my bassoon every once in a while!
What do you guys think of Mr. Siem?

June 06, 2011

Cut My Life Into Pieces, This Is My Last Resort

Actually, this is Burberry's latest Resort Collection for 2012. I'm a die hard Burberry (under Christopher Bailey) fan, so I could gush endlessly about how lush these outfits are. However, time is currently of the essence, so I'll just leave you with these visuals! What are your favourite pieces?

June 04, 2011

Take Me To Your Weiland

Okay, so for those of you who don't speak Dutch: 'weiland' means 'pasture'. It is also the surname of the label I'm currently obsessed with: Timo Weiland!
I saw this look in FIASCO Magazine and squealed with glee! 
I do that, I squeal.
The amazing red jacket and those desert boots just stabbed me in the eye with their splendor, so I did some googling and discovered they were Weiland's designs. 
[Those mesh leather/cotton shorts are by Dominic Louis, by the way, and are also totally rocking!]

The design team consists of partners Timo Weiland and Alan Eckstein. They both have a deep passion for European history and want to 'reinstate the art of dressing'. They also do womenswear, for you ladies who are reading, and it's exquisite. Check out some of these great looks for spring/summer (and autumn/winter) 2011, after the jump!

June 03, 2011

What's In My Bag?

I go totally fangirl over 'What's In My Bag' blog posts! I do! If you have a bag, and you're a blogger, I wanna know what's in it! It's the nature of the beast, I guess, and finding out personal details about total strangers is my raison d'être. So if any of you are like me, you'll be happy to find out what I schlep around on a day-to-day basis. I've got this huge bag by River Island that I love, here's what's inside:

June 02, 2011

"Who you gonna call? TREND WATCHERZ!"

Now that I've got an annoyingly 80s theme tune stuck in your head ("Turururuturu, Ghostbusters!"), I'd like to shine a light on a trend I've come to discover in my life on the line. I'm eternally browsing through clothes, hopping from webshop to editorial scan, and I've come to realise the following: 

((Olive)²+(Khaki)³)²+(√Coral Red)/ [Spring 2011] = cool

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