June 19, 2011

Full Blooded Wrist Candy

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My first ever watch was a colourful little Swatch, that seemed to be unbreakable. I sort of grew out of my Swatch, but I'm pleased to see that the Swiss brand is back in full swing. Check out the all new Swatch Full Blooded collection! True to their Swiss heritage, these babies mix reliability with technology in their plastic and aluminium casings in matching colours. Lightweight, young and durable: you can't go wrong with a Swatch, can you? 

And check out this one, with the skull silhouette on the dial! It's al in the details, folks:

Be sure to check out the video ad as well! 
If you enter their contest on Facebook, choosing your favourite one, you can win one! Click the link here.
Which one's your favourite? I'm all for the slate grey one!

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