August 21, 2011

Weltschmertz is not a cute accessory

This summer has been a bittersweet affair thus far. On both a personal and mondial level, too many days seemed unreal and marred what is supposed to be a joyous season. I've always had a cinematic view on life, but this flick needs more witty oneliners. So like a downtrodden flower to the sun, I lean to cheesy metaphors and... fashion. When the world's alight, a beautiful shoe is my fire blanket and Dior is my Diazepam. Lose yourself with me in these fine visuals, will you?

August 10, 2011

Raisin' It like Dry Grapes!

This little hiatus from blogging has done wonders for my title-inventing skills!
Other than a never-before hankering for raisins, this post's title should induce nothing but awe from you to me! But enough about you, let's talk about me again. You see, as a person who thinks he knows anything about F@$hüN, I recognise a trend when I see one flipping me off from my broken laptop screen. When Satan's favourite vestimentary artisan (Prada, I'm talking about Prada you guyz) came out with those espadrille-foam-striped-creeper-brogues I said: "Interesting, but will these shoes translate to life outside of edgy editorials and the streets on Fashion Week?"
Guess quoi, they totally have! I'm being thwacked daily with the amount of platform brogues out there. It's not a question of supply but of price point and colour now, honestly. What do you think? Gonna raise your sole this winter or stay firmly grounded? 
Check out the specimens that started the upheaval and the shoes they subsequently spawned.