October 01, 2012


With the start of the new school year and my head halfway in Sardinia, I'd almost forgotten to tell you guys about how I got to meet the inimitably chic Mr Roland Mouret! Chiefly known for his figure-hugging Galaxy it-dress and his projects with Victoria Beckham, the French designer is now in charge of continuing Robert Clergerie's shoe empire legacy. I was kindly invited by Delvaux, the original luxury Belgian leatherware maison, to wallow in the beauty that Mr Mouret has produced. The shoes are all for sale at Delvaux. Whether you choose to impart this wisdom onto your girlfriend, is up to you. Especially if you're paying. It was a wonderful evening, Mr Mouret was ever so kind (and handsome, let's not fib). He was constantly being swarmed by glamazons, but I managed to steal him away for a second (after hovering around him for 45 minutes). It wasn't easy, but I got the money shot!