February 23, 2010

The Amazing Pre-Spring Pre-Special

Spring is still too bloody far away and all I see out the window is rain, darkness and a barmy-looking man who appears to be hop-skipping in puddles. At least someone's enjoying the weather. 
I don't want to be a Debbie Downer (if that's even anatomically possible, as I'm a male) but all this doom and gloom outside is unnerving, and I fear I'm but a hop-skip away from going bonkers. What to do?
Phototherapy? Vitamins? Chakra realignment? 
Oh, I know something! 
Wait for it.
Wait for it.
Looking at CLOTHES!
Even though the stores are irking me by ostentating all the spring and summer merchandise when they ruddy well know it's too early to actually wear any of it, one might as well get some stuff already or at least plan out what to get later in the year.
So as we all await the annual Style For Guys Grand Spring/Summer Special with bated breath (well you know, some people might be curious- or not), I present you with a few items and outfits I particularly fancy and can't wait to get my claws on for next season. 
If you're trying anything on in the future, these items deserve to make it past the cash register and into the wide open world to be admired by all.

The Amazing Pre-Spring Pre-Special

Keeping it classy with Valentino for men.
And how about these gorgeous gladiator sandals by Croatian-born designer Damir Doma (whom I love, and you should too). I normally abhor the sight of sandals, but how could you not look awesome in these?

And these last two outfits are by the Belgian label Les Hommes, which is unfalteringly chic and sophisticated.

With all these debonair outfits awaiting, my winter blues melt away like snow in the sun (awesome pun #326, oh yes!)

February 14, 2010

Oh, and...

Happy Valentine's Day, I guess.
No, I told you I wasn't bitter.
(Bowtie: E. Tautz)

Long Live McQueen

I was in no way prepared to hear the news of Lee Alexander McQueen's death last Thursday.
McQueen was a man overflowing with stupendous creative genius and despite all the incredible critical acclaim, he was still just a man.
Whenever someone takes their own life, the people left behind are confused, hurt and full of questions. 
And even though we won't ever really understand why, we can undeniably say that his death truly is a great loss: there's no one quite like him out there and replacing him for the brand is almost impossible as he was only 40 years old and not some dusty old fashion house that needed reviving. 
So what's to happen to this incredible label, that most people know from the stylish silk skull scarves and Lady GaGa 'Bad Romance' outfits?
The future's unclear, but we'll all miss him and forever remember his impact on  the fashion industry.

February 06, 2010

Be Stupid Enough To Find Somebody To Love

Diesel's new ad campaigns make me giggle.
Leighton Meester's 'Somebody To Love' gives me respiratory problems.
Ergo, this blog post has reduced me to a chuckling asthmatic.

"Why you be trippin'?"

"Because it's fabulous."
City trips are my favourite kind of short holidays: the feeling of being inundated with possibilities is a great one to me.
So little time, so much to do - which reminds me of that crappy Olsen twins show I used to love. Ohmymeganfox, those platform flipflops: the horror! And their housekeeper Manuelo, those were the times!
I digress.
A recent trip to Barcelona (a city I can truly recommend) has inspired me to create perfect city tripping outfits: practical, stylish and versatile from a day-to-night perspective.
Now get to booking that inexpensive flight, round up your best friends and get tripping!
(Style For Guys doesn't advertently promote drug use. Like, no pun intended or anything. Cough.)

Blazers: Lanvin (590, black) and Zara (€119, grey)
Red sweater: TOPMAN ($130)
Grey sweater: Slow And Steady Wins The Race (p.n.d.)
Shirt: H&M (€24,95)
Tee: Kitsuné (€45)
Jeans: Acne ($180)
Chinos: Kitsuné (€250)
Sneakers: Lanvin (£295)
High-tops: Polo Ralph Lauren ($59)
Checked scarf: Jil Sander ($145)
Bi-colour scarf: Diesel (€60)
Black sunglasses: Prada ($225)
Tortoiseshell sunglasses: Paul Smith ($255)
Graphic tote: Marc By Marc Jacobs (p.n.d.)
Leather messenger: Louis Vuitton (€2350)