February 06, 2010

"Why you be trippin'?"

"Because it's fabulous."
City trips are my favourite kind of short holidays: the feeling of being inundated with possibilities is a great one to me.
So little time, so much to do - which reminds me of that crappy Olsen twins show I used to love. Ohmymeganfox, those platform flipflops: the horror! And their housekeeper Manuelo, those were the times!
I digress.
A recent trip to Barcelona (a city I can truly recommend) has inspired me to create perfect city tripping outfits: practical, stylish and versatile from a day-to-night perspective.
Now get to booking that inexpensive flight, round up your best friends and get tripping!
(Style For Guys doesn't advertently promote drug use. Like, no pun intended or anything. Cough.)

Blazers: Lanvin (590, black) and Zara (€119, grey)
Red sweater: TOPMAN ($130)
Grey sweater: Slow And Steady Wins The Race (p.n.d.)
Shirt: H&M (€24,95)
Tee: Kitsuné (€45)
Jeans: Acne ($180)
Chinos: Kitsuné (€250)
Sneakers: Lanvin (£295)
High-tops: Polo Ralph Lauren ($59)
Checked scarf: Jil Sander ($145)
Bi-colour scarf: Diesel (€60)
Black sunglasses: Prada ($225)
Tortoiseshell sunglasses: Paul Smith ($255)
Graphic tote: Marc By Marc Jacobs (p.n.d.)
Leather messenger: Louis Vuitton (€2350)


Birchy said...

ohhhhh dear
i need those ralph high tops!
do they have other colours?

Genesis said...

i want the lanvin and the zara jackets!

Ghostboy said...

They do, Birchy, in black and white http://bit.ly/aKI8Sd

Charleston said...

always offering a great array of clothes good sir!

gucci-shoes-bags said...
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