January 28, 2010

The Catcher In The Style (Does this make sense? No.)

I only just received word of J.D. Salinger's demise, and to be honest: I'm quite sad. Not quite sure why, at 91 he was postively antique and I've only ever read one book of his. But that one book will alway stay with me.
'The Catcher In The Rye' is one of my personal favourites, the writing is just sublime and Holden Caulfield makes for an excellent protagonist: witty, off-beat and guilelessly fascinating.
The book also introduced me to the fabulous word 'sonuvabitch' and all things 'phony'.
What do I do when I'm blue?
I look at clothes.
E. Tautz' current collection makes me tingly inside, and the model looks like he'd have no problems at all fitting in in Caulfield's world.
See you on the other side, old chap.

(source: www.etautz.com)

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Genesis said...

Where are you? Miss you Immanuel!!!