January 25, 2010

Les Pays-Bas* C'est Chique

Stereotyping is an inevitable fate that befalls many a country.
If we love labels on our clothes and sometimes even buy them because of it, why wouldn't we label a country or its inhabitants?
So when I ask you what you think of when I say: 'The Netherlands*', would you not conjure up images of clogs, tulips, windmills, cheese and marijuana? 
And if I were to persist and ask you what fashion designers come to mind, surely you'd reply with "Viktor & Rolf"?
I'm not blaming you, I wholly understand, but the next time someone brings up this country: why not mention the fabulous designer Sjaak Hullekes.
You may not want to pronounce his name twenty times in a row if you don't speak Dutch, but one look at his designs will have you mezmerised by their sheer, old-fashioned beauty.
When I first came across his fall/winter 2010 collection 'Smalltown Boy', I couldn't believe I hadn't heard about him before. 
Sjaak himself is a young, handsome chap and I'm positive we'll be hearing a lot more about him in the future.
I took the liberty of posting my favourite pieces from his current collection, plus a lovely video presenting it.

(sources: Sjaak Hullekes on Facebook)


Genesis said...

Magnifique! I want to wear this in Autumn!

The Calvin Show said...

Good grief that model, the music, the clothes...the vibe! It's ruined my life in the best way possible. I have no idea how to pronounce all of his name so I'm just gonna call him S.