September 27, 2012


It's been a week since my return from Sardinia and I must say I already miss it dearly. I got the chance to thoroughly relax, vacate my mind, read a spot of Sedaris on the beach (there seriously is nothing better) and get a tan (YES, I CAN STILL TAN OKAY). Excited as I was for all of that, I secretly couldn't wait to shoot my precious Davidelfin shorts. My sweetheart gave them to me this summer and they're just perfection: vibrant colours, the cutest zippers I just want to put in a onesie and sing throaty lullabies to and the most comfortable jersey fabric. I've been wanting to shoot them for so long, but I knew waiting for my holiday in Cagliari would do them a tad more justice than posing in front of the toolshed at home. We went sailing, as you can see on the pictures, and I was so glad I brought a plastic bag with me to protect the shorts from the seawater (SALT STAINS ZOMG) because we got soaked shortly after the pictures were taken. I'm not kidding: the insane September wind made the sailboat fly through the feral ocean lopsidedly, with me screaming and clutching on the mast and dear life! It was all worth it though because through my squinted, wet eyes and raped hairdo I was able to make out four wild dolphins soaring above the glistening surface. It was pretty goddamn magical, knowing that Davidelfin is obsessed with them ('delfin' = Spanish for dolphin). I hope you enjoy the photos, I kind of totally almost drowned to get them!

Phot. by Prince Barri & me

September 12, 2012


I'm leaving for the beautiful island of Sardinia for a week, so I'll be out of office (my bedroom) for a bit! Not to worry, I'll - hopefully - come back with an outfit post I've been aching to shoot (does any fashion blogger go on holiday for any other reason than the fab backdrops?).
Ciao tutti!

September 07, 2012


There are only certain moments in fashion when you get a glimpse of the size of the machine you're actually dealing with. The second you step foot backstage at a fashion show, you're in awe. The frisson is tangible: there's tension, excitement, nervousness, elation (and a lot of steam) in the air. Models in their skivvies are teetering around on alpine heels, stylists and designers are frantically pinning and fumbling with hems and cuffs and pr execs are giving curt orders in earpieces and clutching on to clipboards. Amazing.
I went backstage at Miele Catwalk last night, which is one of the biggest fashion shows in Belgium. This year's theme combined food and fashion, so we had top Belgian chefs preparing hors d'oeuvres and even walking the runway for the different fashion lines that were taking part. I spent most of my time with Essentiel's founder Inge Onsea and head womenswear designer Tom. A truly amazing duo, such great senses of humour combined with an infallible sense of style and colour, one of Essentiel's main selling points. I trailed behind Bruno Van Gils, founder of Café Costume, a brand that prides itself on excellent men's tailoring for a reasonable fee. I also chatted with the vibrant Cléo and Sarah of Black Balloon, an up and coming brand with lots of promise and that real Gantoise free vibe. All of this together with my good friend, the talented Alessia of The Red Dot! But enough talk, let me take you backstage!
Washing machines - by Miele, obv - customised by the designers.

Black Balloon try-out, with musical assistance by the great boys of Willow!

Dangerous fashions by Joanne Vanden Avenne!

Essentiel's Tom and Inge inspecting the try-outs

The master chefs practise their sassiest struts (l.t.r. Wout Bru, Yves Mattagne, Viki Geunes & Wim Ballieu)

Backstage at hair and make-up.

Time for the Essentiel fitting! I'm sure most of you won't mind the abundance of male splendour..

Meanwhile at the Café Costume corner:

Well-known Ghent dj Thang was one of the models, the shoes were by Church's.

Legendary Belgian male model and Prada AW12 runway star Michel De Windt was walking for Café Costume, what a moment! Founder Bruno makes some last-minute adjustments, he also streetcasted all the models himself and some are his friends. My favourite suit was the speckled harris tweed one, by the way.

Here's the talented designer Tim Van Steenbergen browsing the racks (I'm a total paparazzo)

The show was about to start, but not yet. So what do the models have to do? Wait! 

Here's a picture of my three sweethearts: Tiany, Marie and Alessia!

And finally a picture of Essentiel's Tom and me, he really is such fun!

I hope you guys enjoyed this pretty exclusive view behind the scenes, I sure had such a thrilling evening. Thanks for having me!