September 05, 2012


The summer isn't over yet, and it's about to get even better! Before you head back to school you should try to clutch on to these days of freedom (unless you're in secondary school, then you're already ****ed). And what better way to end the holidays with a bang? I'm giving away not one, not five but TWO pairs of Vans! Every guy should have a pair of Vans, I'm pretty sure that's like in the rules of hominism or something.
The first pair are these laid-black stripey slip-ons, totes amaze:

And the second are these amazing pink classics (only 4 real men):

Now how can you win these puppies?

1) Follow me on Facebook/Twitter/Bloglovin'
2) Send me an e-mail ( with the answer to these questions:
- In what year was Vans founded?
- Would you wear the pink ones and why? (convince me)
3) Include your name and address in the e-mail.
4) The contest ends on September 12th, at 2PM!

Good luck, troopers!
(Contest for Belgian residents only, the shoes are a size 43)

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