January 29, 2012


Good news, guys! One more day and exams are over! I've got 2 outfitposts that are way over due and a fun giveaway coming up as well. So please don't go anywhere. I wanted to give you guys a peek at these new shoes of mine. I love the electric blue contrast sole with the classic cream brogue design and the running stitch along the welt. Just the extra kick in the head an outfit needs for spring. Hashtag 'totes amaze'.

Shoes: H&M

January 07, 2012


First post of 2012! Can I get an 'Amen Fashion'? 
Following the cursed tradition, January equals exams.This entails:
- me lurking in a crevasse in my room with my weave askew
- me laughing and pointing at stupid internet memes
- me texting random 'LOLZ' to people
- me watching the hyacinth on my desk grow
- me studying, eventually
It also means me not being able to process a lot of fab things and pouring them into elaborate articles. 
So while I slowly die inside, I want you guys to enjoy this mesmerizing GIF of the Balenciaga SS12 collection. Wish me luque!