September 22, 2009

Must! Have! Now!

This Maison Martin Margiela tee (€ 134,50) is epic.
Belgian designers for the win!
There's a freaking broken record on it!
Must! Have! Now!


September 21, 2009

Poker Face: Tested

As a professional journalist - double cough - it's my deific duty in life to do fieldwork so I can give personal recommendations and share my neverending knowledge - quadruple cough - with my trusty reader(s).
We all know the face is the money, so I don't just schmear anything on it. I don't care if goatcheese yoghurt with mint leaves could freshen my face up for a natural glow, I want 'active anti-pollution components' (Clarins Men Moisture Balm - $29,50) and 'Peruvian Maca root' (The Body Shop Energetic Face Protector Moisturizing and Firming Cream ($18) and Revitalising Face Wash ($12)). Tested both, and liked them equally.
The Clarins one is of a thicker substance, and slightly more fragrant. The Body Shop moisturizer is nice and runny, so you just need a little splotch for the entire face, and the face wash gives an invigoratingly fresh feeling.
So, hold the goatcheese yoghurt and mint leaves for dipping nachos in (gross) and try these two.
Tell them I sent you.

September 20, 2009

Slick Rick

Looking for the perfect leather jacket can be a very daunting task. A zipper or stud too many, a colour too light or a fit too loose can be an instant turnoff (much like finding the perfect jeans).
Rick Owens however, the dark fashion designer a.k.a. master of glunge (glamour+grunge), does a very good job at designing enticing leather jackets (and much more). He's been doing so for quite a long while in the women's department, but only recently he launched his menswear line.
These images are from his Fall '09 collection, full of morose, black and stern pieces but with a touch of intellectual wit.
Mr. Owens never fails to fascinate, and so do his designs.
Leave the manskirts to the pros though.


Oh, Scott.

Scott Schuman did it again.
This picture is the very definition of contemporary British chic (it was taken at Somerset House in London). I cannot emphasize enough how The Sartorialist can inspire you to pay more attention to the way you dress, to the details that make the difference. This young man's outfit isn't all that complicated, but it works.
I love it.

House of Style

As I've mentioned before: good style requires a great interior. Three-week old moldy pizza crusts and plastic cups nicked in bars do not 'deconstructed chic' make. So I found this amazing site online called Desire to Inspire ( where you can find pictures of the most amazing interior decorations in the world. You can find DIY inspiration as well as drool over the most beautiful designs out there today.
I found the pictures below very striking, but there are too many to feature here in this post. Go check it out.

September 08, 2009

Indian Summer

My dear reader(s).
After those wretched exams, I am taking a nice holiday in the sun (wearing my finest summer outfits, naturally).
Hence, I won't be able to update for a bit.
But I'll return swiftly to shower (all of) you in great style!

Until then,
Have one on me.