September 26, 2010


If you haven't heard about Alexis Mabille yet, it's about time you did. This king of dandy flair isn't afraid of a bow tie or two, and therefore has long captivated my heart. His A/W 2010 collection is one of lush fabrics and textures with a healthy dose of shiny and filled to the brim with masculine grace. 
I'm positively besotted by the black cardigan bedazzled with buttons and that bow tie shirt needs to be mine.
In my loveliest daydreams I already envision myself getting out of a Lexus, head-to-toe in Alexis.
What say you?

September 16, 2010

Leaving On A Jetplane

To my dear reader(s): 
I'm leaving for the sun for a little while, so I'll be blissfully detached from the interwebs.
Only to come back home and go crazy because I have 5 zillion e-mails to read.
I look forward to that! Send me one!
Now what to wear by the poolside?
A bit of Tom Ford?


September 14, 2010

Get Framed!

Myopic and hyperopic fashionisto's rejoice! The quintessentially British and classy dunhill london - the brand name is always typed in lowercase for a chic e.e. cummings effect - has launched their eyewear line! The launch took place in the charming Tribeca restaurant in Brussels, and head eyewear designer Ralf Nadler was there to tell us all about the specifics of the frames' springs and how they manage to keep the weight down on all models due to use of carbon fiber and titanium. The collection is, true to the dunhill spirit, very classic and sophisticated. Retro sunglasses that make you want to hop in a classic drop-top car with a cashmere scarf wrapped casually around your neck and no-nonsense business exec specs were all around! We ate little triangle sandwiches - no crusts, of course - and drank tea, there was jazz music and I got to hang out with my fashion friends again, a lovely evening it was! Pics below for proof, plus a pic of the dunhill 'Bladon' bag, because I DIE.
      Aren't these amazing?
The lovely Michaël from Belmodo should só get these!
 My girl Marie from oona looking cute as a button!
Jazz musicians, compulsory on any classy soirée.
 Oodles of glasses.
 I loved how they presented the frames like a bug collection.
 Yours truly with wonderful Stijn from I Love Belgium and sweet Louise from oona.
Handsome Tom from I Love Belgium, he also designed the presentation of the glasses!

Oh, and...


September 12, 2010

Are You High?

Belgians are well-known globally for taking risks fashion-wise (I'm thinking crazy prints at Van Beirendonck or Margiela hoofed shoes), so this new video by Belgian band Aeroplane strikes me as something very typical for our tiny country. And I love it! Fish-bag bras and toilet-seat necklaces? Bring it on! Gaga would approve.

September 08, 2010

Armed And Fabulous

Finding the perfect trench coat has been my obsession ever since I became aware of Burberry's existence, but I've yet to find one I love (and that isn't Burberry, because I can honestly not afford one yet). I've searched high and low, woe oh woe, but I've yet to purchase a trench I really like. 
A fool for all things military, however, I find that a good pea coat can be just as chic as a trench and keeps you just a tad warmer. So here's a list of the military inspired stuff I love, but that won't exactly leave you queueing at the food bank afterwards.
Forwards, strut!
More after the jump!

September 02, 2010


I don't normally swear on le blog, but this calls for an exception: FUCK YEAH!

September 01, 2010

El Fashionisto

Toen er mij gevraagd werd of ik iets wou doen voor 'Sound Of Sam' op StuBru was mijn eerste reactie: "Eh, JA, wee tee ef?".
En ik begrijp het zelf nog niet zo goed, maar nu heb ik dus elke woensdagavond mijn segment: El Fashionisto!
Couldn't be more excited! I mean: wie heeft er nu niet graag Sam De Bruyn als collega?
Dus als je wilt luisteren: elke woensdagavond, zo rond half 8 is het aan mij om het laatste fashion nieuws te bespreken.
Stay tuned!
photo: Arnout Bracke