September 14, 2010

Get Framed!

Myopic and hyperopic fashionisto's rejoice! The quintessentially British and classy dunhill london - the brand name is always typed in lowercase for a chic e.e. cummings effect - has launched their eyewear line! The launch took place in the charming Tribeca restaurant in Brussels, and head eyewear designer Ralf Nadler was there to tell us all about the specifics of the frames' springs and how they manage to keep the weight down on all models due to use of carbon fiber and titanium. The collection is, true to the dunhill spirit, very classic and sophisticated. Retro sunglasses that make you want to hop in a classic drop-top car with a cashmere scarf wrapped casually around your neck and no-nonsense business exec specs were all around! We ate little triangle sandwiches - no crusts, of course - and drank tea, there was jazz music and I got to hang out with my fashion friends again, a lovely evening it was! Pics below for proof, plus a pic of the dunhill 'Bladon' bag, because I DIE.
      Aren't these amazing?
The lovely Michaël from Belmodo should só get these!
 My girl Marie from oona looking cute as a button!
Jazz musicians, compulsory on any classy soirée.
 Oodles of glasses.
 I loved how they presented the frames like a bug collection.
 Yours truly with wonderful Stijn from I Love Belgium and sweet Louise from oona.
Handsome Tom from I Love Belgium, he also designed the presentation of the glasses!

Oh, and...



Michaël said...

Love the bag, but definitely love the glasses as well. You rock Immi!

Glamour Bbey. said...

Oeeeh geweldige foto's! & die das; damn

La mode et le beau temps said...

I LIKE your blog!

La mode et le beau temps.