August 21, 2012


This literally just in: the Alexander McQueen AW12 collection video, directed by Marlon Rueberg and starring some of my favourite models like Henry Pedro-Wright and Ysham Avdulahi. You like? I know I do: if you squint your eyes very hard and look directly into the sun and then back at the video, it's almost as if it's me working the clothes! Almost...

Take a closer look at the amazing collection - inspired by Victorian Britain - in all its raven feather printed and dégradé beauty:

August 13, 2012


There's a very strong bond between a boy and his cap. That bond is established somewhere around the age of seven, when he wins his first junior league game of baseball or whatnot. Triumphantly he sends his lucky cap flying as he scores the winning point! His teammates lift him up on their shoulders and chant his name..
I wasn't that type of child, I was outdoorsy in that I occasionally ventured into the garden to carefully bury future archeological relics or take artsy analogue pictures of the neighbour's horse. But as I've explained earlier, I'm going through somewhat of a second puberty nowadays. And the time has come that I establish that special bond with a gorgeous ecru snapback with emerald embroidery by Kenzo. I've been lusting over this one so badly and you can imagine my glee when my big sister got it for me. I was a little worried it wouldn't fit over my bouncy 'fro, but I needn't have worried (I just can't take it off in public, maje helmet hair). So as dusk settled my sister and I explored the old salt factory, the neighbouring fields and what must be the only graffiti in our pristine village.
The sun's last efforts complimented my cream colour scheme quite nicely, wouldn't you say? 

Logo snapback cap: KENZO x NEW ERA 
Panelled sweatshirt: RIVER ISLAND 
Skull pendant: MARC JACOBS 
Worn trainers: CONVERSE
Cream trousers: ACNE

Phot. by Foxie and me

August 06, 2012


For the second year in a row, I'll be a Matinique ambassador! We kick off the renewed collaboration with this snazzy suit, called the 'Barret'! In a colour named 'shadow', this light summer suit is perfect for a fancy garden party or an al fresco wedding. Don't forget to bring your teddy bear!

Phot. by Prince Barri (and me)

August 02, 2012


There are some days when I wonder what life would be like without music. Those days are not the brightest, I must admit. I'm not exaggerating here: every second that I am alone or on the move, I'm listening to music. And when society inconveniences me with its constant interactions (LOLZ I'm such a misanthropist), I'm still singing or repeatedly muttering the lyrics of my current musical obsession like a mantra. Those who have been following me for a bit have noticed I mostly paste a music video at the end of my posts, just because I feel fashion is even better when topped off with a spot of good music. Or bad music. So to celebrate the gift of song (!), I've partnered up with Spotify and made the very first Style For Guys Mixtape! Maybe you'll be amazed at how random/awful my taste in music is, but perhaps you'll discover some gems as well. Enjoy, share and sing along. Loud!

You like?