August 02, 2012


There are some days when I wonder what life would be like without music. Those days are not the brightest, I must admit. I'm not exaggerating here: every second that I am alone or on the move, I'm listening to music. And when society inconveniences me with its constant interactions (LOLZ I'm such a misanthropist), I'm still singing or repeatedly muttering the lyrics of my current musical obsession like a mantra. Those who have been following me for a bit have noticed I mostly paste a music video at the end of my posts, just because I feel fashion is even better when topped off with a spot of good music. Or bad music. So to celebrate the gift of song (!), I've partnered up with Spotify and made the very first Style For Guys Mixtape! Maybe you'll be amazed at how random/awful my taste in music is, but perhaps you'll discover some gems as well. Enjoy, share and sing along. Loud!

You like?

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