August 30, 2010

Harper's Bizarre

I love everything about this Harper's Bazaar China editorial: the sleek and minimalist aesthetic, the slightly bizarre surrealistic touches and the intriguing styling.
What do you think?

August 25, 2010

Mi Piace MSGM*

While shopping with the fabulous S. of Yes Please Mademoiselle today, I came across a new Italian womenswear brand I wasn't too aware of before, called MSGM. Being the fashion-sleuth I am, I googled it at home afterwards to find out what they were about. 
To be honest, I'd already forgotten their name, so after a few unfruitful queries like 'MFMG' or 'MSFG' I finally discovered their website. Not only that, I also found that they have a menswear line!
Well, colour me intrigued, I checked out every look in the lookbook and a pleasant feeling of surprise crept up to me: I liked it. A lot.
Am I alone in thinking this feels very Scandinavian and not that Italian at all?
Love it!

August 22, 2010

Mieux Qu'un Rêve

In a few painstakingly long days I shall finally be reunited with the city I keep falling in love with over and over again. 
The city so cool it hurts.
The city of couture.
The city of Paris!
You might not be aware of this, but I am an insane planner when it comes to trips like these: I'm already practising my blank blasé look when I see La Tour Eiffel and when I glance at Lanvin's price tags (comme un vrai Parisien chic).
So obviously I already know exactly what I'll be wearing and where: basically, I'm already one foot out the door.
However, if I can dream a little dream here and get complete financial carte blanche, these are the pieces I'd want to rock as I would shield my face from all the pesky street style bloggers who want to take pictures as I casually make conversation with Anna Dello Russo, Alber Elbaz or Diane Pernet.


Jacket: River Island
Polo shirt: Lanvin
Trousers: Dunhill
Belt: H&M
Bow tie: Lanvin
Bamboo sunglasses: Linda Farrow
Tote: Burberry

August 13, 2010

WinWinWin! (In Dutch)

Ik hou van mode. Ik hou van dingen winnen (hoewel het enige wat ik ooit heb gewonnen het 'De Twee Torens' boek uit de Lord Of The Rings trilogie is, en ik daar helemaal niks mee ben omdat ik de andere twee niet heb.)
Dat terzijde: heb jij zin om een nieuwe garderobe te winnen?
Dat was een retorische vraag.
Natuurlijk heb jij zin om een nieuwe garderobe te winnen!
Key To Style  organiseert namelijk i.s.m. Maasmechelen Village een wedstrijd van 12 augustus t/m 12 september waarbij je elke dag een herfstgarderobe van 1000 euro kunt winnen. Can I get a O-M-G, please?
Alle info vind je op
Good luck, en wees niet bang een schoentje of twee aan mij te schenken als je wint, omdat je't zo zielig vindt van dat boek en because you love me.

August 09, 2010

The Return Of Dieselito

There are a few fashion finds that I am constantly on the prowl for. Like a bird of prey I circle shops and websites, my squinty hawk-eye at the ready for those few things I consider to be basics, but somehow never fully look the way I want them to. I’m referring to a fabulous trench coat, the perfect slim jeans, the perfect dress shoes and of course: the perfect man-bag/ messenger. I’ve had my trusty Diesel messenger for two years now and I was looking for its fitting replacer for a while now. But nothing really tickled my fancy quite enough (or most of it tickled my budget quite too much, if you catch my drift). My ideal bag is sturdy, can take a beating or two and goes with almost every outfit I own. So you can imagine my great pleasure when this little puppy arrived in the mail! Lo, it’s Dieselito (I just named him that, don’t judge) number two! And all thanks to the lovely people at Equip for sending me this stylish and versatile ‘mursenger’ (manpurse+messenger, I’m so copyrighting that term, hands off!). Loving the leather and the mesh woven like chain-mail around the bag! 

You like?

Big thanks to

[I'm wearing a blue shirt by Mexx, slim chinos by Acne, sneakers by Prada]

August 04, 2010

Message From The Editor

Totes kidding! This blog doesn't have an editor. 
It's just me, an omnipotent malevolous writer with a dark fashion agenda! "Cue evil organ music!" (I just quoted a line from an article I wrote for The Word Magazine, because I'm super cool like that. That's how I get jiggy with it like it's 1984).
Talking about quality quotes, I just wanted to share a short message for all you readers out there that sometimes, like me, get frustrated that they know what fabulous things they'd like to own but don't have a trust fund or ruby-regurgitating cat.
I say:
"It doesn't matter that you're living in 'tha ghetto', just add little touches of glamour to your every-day life. Flip through a brand-new Vogue while clutching a frappucino, put more pep in your step, throw on some shades when it's raining and casually spew out sentences like "My new H&M sweater is só pre-Tisci Givenchy-esque" or "That's haute, that's gauche". All at the same time." - I. A.
Go forth and multiply.
But use protection, y'all! 

images: Jak&Jil