August 04, 2010

Message From The Editor

Totes kidding! This blog doesn't have an editor. 
It's just me, an omnipotent malevolous writer with a dark fashion agenda! "Cue evil organ music!" (I just quoted a line from an article I wrote for The Word Magazine, because I'm super cool like that. That's how I get jiggy with it like it's 1984).
Talking about quality quotes, I just wanted to share a short message for all you readers out there that sometimes, like me, get frustrated that they know what fabulous things they'd like to own but don't have a trust fund or ruby-regurgitating cat.
I say:
"It doesn't matter that you're living in 'tha ghetto', just add little touches of glamour to your every-day life. Flip through a brand-new Vogue while clutching a frappucino, put more pep in your step, throw on some shades when it's raining and casually spew out sentences like "My new H&M sweater is só pre-Tisci Givenchy-esque" or "That's haute, that's gauche". All at the same time." - I. A.
Go forth and multiply.
But use protection, y'all! 

images: Jak&Jil


prince said...

like his style

buzzmeout said...

likey like

LA_Boxer said...

What do I have to look up to find that tank top that's white and really long?