July 13, 2013


Last week Eurostar invited me to try out their newest Business Premier menu created by star chef and OBE, Raymond Blanc. Hesitate to accept I did not, since it involved the concepts of 'London' and 'eating'. I'm hardly a foodie - as was made painfully clear by my girl Lisha when she pointed out I cut off the best part of the asparagus - but I have been known to eat things! Avid foodstagrammers would have had some trouble making their followers drool, but the flavours were definitively on point. Hashtag veal blanquette. "Hurry up with my damn croissants!"

The ever hilarious Isabelle and Lisha provided lunch time chuckles

Upon our timely arrival I was shocked pleased to find out the sun was shining quite ardently. We had a sip in the fancy St. Pancras Hotel (who knew there was one?) and waited for monsieur Blanc to arrive/took pictures of ourselves.

 Day-time drinking with Absolutely Mrs K, Sté and Kim.

Monsieur Blanc! A truly charming fellow. You can catch him in all his French gloire on BBC Two's "How to Cook Well".

Oh, and guess who else got to tag along?

So cute. We headed towards the Institute of Contemporary Art to check out the 'Keep Your Timber Limber' exhibition. Featuring works by Tom of Finland, Cary Kwok, Antonio Lopez and Judith Bernstein; this expo shows drawings by legendary artists who strove to break through the social and sexual mores of their time through explicit works of political and erotic imagery. Quite a bit of cock, in other words. And the admission is free, so that's always a plus. 

Next up was a lightning tour of the National Gallery. I allowed ourselves half an hour to plough through the most important works, which gave the experience quite a surreal touch. I call it museum-dashing! Great fun. "Oh look it's a Cézanne. NEXT! Van Gogh? Spiffing. NEXT! Velazquez. Touching. NEXT!"). Art fiends might frown upon such insolence, but we only had four hours in the city.

FASHION INFO: I busted out my new Selected shirt and tie out for the occasion and paired it with a Matinique blazer, Acne trousers and my PRECIOUS floral Nike SB's. I still might do an outfit post with some of these clothes, since the details are too good to be missed!
Next up: Dover Street Market!

Sibling mittens! That store is everything, really. Spread my ashes over some Comme at DSM when I die plz.

We spent the remainder of the day just walking around and soaking up the fab/sun.

 All too soon it was time to return to Belgium (WHY). At least we had a nice dinner to dull the pain!

Yes that is an authentic certified Chanel bracelet. SS14 Haute Couture if I'm not mistaken.