April 26, 2012


A while ago I was interviewed for ZONE 09 Magazine and today you can find out what I had to say right here (or in any of the multiple free Zone 09 distributors on the streets of Ghent)! Getting interviewed is always nerve-wracking but I like the finalt result. So many thanks to Julie for the lovely interview and Johan for the great photo! (Press 'read more' for the translation).
Another topic I'd like to discuss is the Weekend Blog Awards. I'm sure all my Belgian readers are sick to death about hearing about them by now, but I feel like it wouldn't be right if I didn't mention it on my blog and what it means to me. 
So, as some of you know, I was nominated by Weekend Knack (one of the foremost and high-standing lifestyle publications in Belgium) for a Weekend Blog Award in the Fashion category. My fellow nominees are, each and every single one, good friends of mine so it's very hard to not vote on them all, myself! I don't imagine standing a chance against these amazing individuals who have worked hard and earned their success. But I do want to take a minute and say I'm quite proud of myself to even have been nominated. Not once, but twice actually. The other blog I write for, Ü, was nominated for best Entertainment blog. 

I have to take a minute to process all of this. When I was a kid, I would go to our local library (Kalken 4EVR!) every week. I wasn't the coolest child around, I must admit. But me and my librarian were the tightest of homies! And when they started offering magazines for library-goers to take home, I was so excited. Why? Because then I could read Weekend Knack. Every week I'd come home with another edition, full of the best articles and editorials. I'd read every single column, even the pieces about what the value of a reader's antiques was. One of the Weekend columnists is a professor at my college, and everytime I see him I giggle because in secondary school they'd make us copy his columns in detention. Which seems like a weird punishment, since his articles are a joy to read. 
Why am I telling you all of this? Because imagine my absolute delight, when so many years later, Weekend Knack nominates old me as one of the kingdom's top bloggers. It's still astounding to me that they know who I am, let alone think I'm alright. I should be more confident, I know, but it's still hard to shake that small-town mentality. 

So, if you find the time, I'd love your support. Perhaps we can take this award home? I'd cry ugly tears, of course, so the entertainment would be all yours. All you have to do is go here, and select your favourite for every category. Please, also take time to select www.uhier.com for best Entertainment blog, these people are my family! And at the end, just fill in the contact details form. Et voilà, who knows, you might have made my year. You can vote till the 29th of April.
Thank you!

April 22, 2012


So, apparently mister Roberto Cavalli - aka the king of "Eurotrash chic" designs - has had it with the fashion industry. In quite a hilarious turn of events, he unleashed his rage against the machine on his official Twitter account this evening. And I couldn't be more thankful, or entertained. There aren't enough brackets and sic's  in the world to quote what he said, so I just had to screencap what went down! Like lyrical perfection, these tweets are what make R-Cav great.
It all started with Mr. Cavalli's discontentment about fashion websites and the fashionable side of organised crime:

Then he shared with us why Anna Wintour never shows up to his shows (which is quite a juicy tidbit, if only he hadn't spelled it like a Croatian five year-old on barbiturates would):

Unfortunately, he lacks power to change the system:
He subsequently spearheads the search for Gallic talent. Franchement!

Luckily, there is some love for American fashion design. Just not for older women.

Hashtag LOLZ.

April 16, 2012


Okay, so I'm not a 15 year-old beach blonde from the 'Bu, but I couldn't find anything else to rhyme with Azzuolo but 'YOLO'. We may only live once, but that's long enough not to go along with that fad (sorry Zac, you know I love you). I'm talking about Antonio Azzuolo, the Canadian-born Paris-emigrated designer whose a.a. line I'm currently smitten with. He makes the prettiest tailored blazers ('pretty' is the only description I could come up with, really) with the freshest prints and structure. I love his take on the classic contrast-collar shirt, and his Air Force blue trenchcoat with the beige suède shoulder pad. I will never wear white pants EVARR, but I think they work within these looks. What are your thoughts on this Canuck's SS12 designs? Let me know!

April 14, 2012


Spicebomb. The name itself is just powerful, and so is the fragrance it envelops. A smell rarely manages to really 'begeister' me, but Viktor & Rolf's latest eau de toilette had me at 'Hello (smell me because I am a sample') a few weeks ago. Spicebomb had hit me. So I nagged everyone and dropped unsubtle hints like bombs, that 'I really liked that new V&R fragrance'. I consider it to be bad luck to buy your own fragrance, you see. It's like buying your own heart-shaped box of chocolates. So when my other half came bearing this gift from France, I was most extremely delighted.
Join me and my new River Island perfecto (that I'm in love with) and discover what Spicebomb is all about.
Sean O'Pry aka Jesus Christ's Unborn Son. 
Like a kick-ass glass hand grenade. If I had designed the fragrance, I would have called it GlassGrenade! But that just sounds painful, and not sultry or appealing to anyone but warmongers. The flask is a see-through shade of smokey grey. To spray it, you actually have to remove a pin with the characteristic V&R hot stamp on a bangle attached to it (JUS LYKE A REAL BOMB GET IT). It took me two minutes to figure this out because, you know, I am a cretin. 
You know how when a fragrance is described, there's all this jibberish about topnotes and basenotes and notes on a scandal and orange blossom lemongrass leather sandalwood essence? But you're just like: "Lol, it smells pretty". I'm not going to try and give you the whole scientific lay-down, because I don't own a white labcoat and without it I am not credible as a perfumer (or 'nez' as the French would say).
I'll start by telling you / reading off a press kit what the scent evolves like:
First it smells like bergamot and grapefruit. Then comes elemi (wtf?) and pink pepper. The grand finale are leather, tobacco and vetiver. 
The fragrance really isn't subtle: it's BAM from the get-go. I only spritz once; I'm a timid fragrance user, I don't want to be a burden on society. To me that's enough for the rest of the day (perhaps a top-up when I go out). The fragrance reminds me of a really early morning, when you go running because you've temporarily lost your mind and are on a health craze. It's sweetish, but not sickeningly so. It's manly but not in a come-into-my-tobacco-parlor-and-let's-discuss-global-politics-with-some-Scotch kind of way. It's modern but not frivolous, so it has 'future classic' potential. Spicebomb is fresh, it interests people. It's a bit of every kind of man, and I love that. I plan on making this little puppy my trademark, I will be the kind of man who has a signature scent from now on! 
Sean O'Pry who?
Ha, I wish! His face is like looking into the surface of the sun in a mirror that's on fire.
All images by me (except the Sean O'Pry one, that's by Oh La La Mag)

April 09, 2012


So, as you all know, last Wednesday was the ELLE x River Island Summer Style Event. I was ever so kindly invited to be a judge and stick a red dot on the most stylish guests, who then had a shot at winning a one year subscription to ELLE magazine. Here is my picture report, with lots of stylish ladies and gents, my awesome colleague bloggers and even some backstage snaps! 
This is what I was wearing that day, shot by the hilarious and beautiful Paulien :

Blazer and shirt: H&M, trousers: River Island, socks: Paul Smith, bag: Marni x H&M, brogues: Ben Sherman, watch: Swatch, spectacles: Ralph Lauren, belt: Jimmy Choo x H&M

 Anne (Miu Miu glitter heels) and Laure (River Island x Julian J. Smith graphic wedges ) from ELLE showed some serious shoe skills!

I love Anouks denim/gold collar! 
Killer spiked wedges!

Backstage shots! The models made me feel so puny. And I'm 6ft tall! The make-up wonderwoman behind it all? The fabulous miss Sabine Peeters! She's Belgium's own Pat McGrath. I first met her when she did my make-up for a feature in De Standaard Magazine and love running into her every now and then. She's even worked for British Vogue with Mario Testino! Here she seems to be having fun with a clotheshanger:

Blogger madness! With the amazing Paulien! (picture by my sweetie, Nathalie)

 The ever awesome Mrs K, she has the most wicked sense of style and I adore her! And next up: eternal cutiepie and style maven Afrodite!
Be sure to check out the River Island webshop for more awesome summer style!

April 05, 2012


World renowned Belgian fashion designer Bruno Pieters has recently launched his new company, Honest by. This fashion brand focuses on total financial and production-related transparency. With the highest regard for animal, human and ecological well-being, Pieters has crafted a new standard in conscious fashion. As I am currently working on a literature study on corporate social responsabiliity, Honest by's newest collaboration with designer Calla Haynes is of the highest interest to me. The collection features the most beautiful print on organic twill, I just had to share it with you. One of the faces of the collaboration is the lovely Ms Natalie Joos, who is one of the world's most respected casting agents, and - of course - a source of Belgian fashion pride. What do you guys think about this honest concept? 

All images copyright of Bruno Pieters and Honest by.

April 01, 2012


Can you freaking believe it? It's been three years since my very first post! I've never been committed to a project for this long, and I my love for fashion hasn't diminished one single bit. You guys are all gems for the unwavering support and readership, I'd be nowhere without you. It's been another wonderful year at Style For Guys HQ, and I thank you for being the best readers a blogger could have. Excuse me while I down something fizzy, this calls for a celebration! 
Ever thine,