April 22, 2012


So, apparently mister Roberto Cavalli - aka the king of "Eurotrash chic" designs - has had it with the fashion industry. In quite a hilarious turn of events, he unleashed his rage against the machine on his official Twitter account this evening. And I couldn't be more thankful, or entertained. There aren't enough brackets and sic's  in the world to quote what he said, so I just had to screencap what went down! Like lyrical perfection, these tweets are what make R-Cav great.
It all started with Mr. Cavalli's discontentment about fashion websites and the fashionable side of organised crime:

Then he shared with us why Anna Wintour never shows up to his shows (which is quite a juicy tidbit, if only he hadn't spelled it like a Croatian five year-old on barbiturates would):

Unfortunately, he lacks power to change the system:
He subsequently spearheads the search for Gallic talent. Franchement!

Luckily, there is some love for American fashion design. Just not for older women.

Hashtag LOLZ.

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