July 24, 2012


We're only halfway through this year but 2012 has already unwittingly seen a radical change in my personal style. Premeditating what my new look needs to be like never works out. When I consciously decide I want to be minimal chic like a Scandinavian table in an empty white room, I end up wearing a paisley scarf, coral trousers and a stripey jumper. Ordering yourself to look a certain way is not the way to go, apparently. But imagine my surprise when I look in the mirror this week and see myself wearing a varsity jack, a white tee, baggy denim and ACTUAL RUNNING SHOEZ. I wasn't going running, you guys. I've gone from being little mister dandy prep - wearing bow ties, dinner jackets and front-pleat trousers to the supermarket - to looking like a high school jock. I've also bought a bad-ass leather motorcycle jacket and got my ear pierced this year. What's next? A red sports car (or mountainbike, more likely)? Clearly I've been going through a quarter-life crisis, but I now embrace this new-found love for the casual fashions. I guess this summer I'll be Streetwise Immi, and it so happens I've found the perfect clothes to tide me over till the next existential turnaround.
Firstly, a giant shout-out to KENZO. I've become extremely engrossed by the aesthetic Carol and Humberto have established for the brand. And how sick are their collaborations with New Era (totally shaving off my hair so I can actually put one of their caps on my head) or Vans?

I'm also after this great colour-blocked, laid-back jersey ensemble by H&M Trend Collection. I first saw this on Mike of  Cup of Couple and have been wanting it ever since:

And what about this ASOS parrot backpack? I mean.

Nike (obv)

Olympic chic in APC !
SUPER shadez
What about you, have you seen a change in your style recently? Let me know in the comment box!

July 13, 2012


Just a little post in between holiday job shifts! Cruel folk, those weather gods. If it's not pouring with rain, it's drizzling over here. Looking cute in monsoon season has proven to be more challenging than anticipated, so I needed to up the ante on the 'beauty' front. 'Beauty' is the monstrous word used to describe all matters cosmetic in the blogging world, for those who didn't know. Two little tubes have recently brought a little light to my summer days, with their unyieldingly zesty scent and flavour. When I offer my L'Occitane 'gloss fraîcheur verveine sorbet' to unsuspecting friends, they cry out: "Omigad that lipgloss is well fetch, lemon yum yum". I subsequently treat them to a scowl and snatch the tube out of their hands, screeching that 'it's not really a lipgloss cuz I'm a man and that's not lemon, you cow, that's verbena!'. The same story goes for my cooling hand cream gel. So addictive, for realz.

On another note: I've been taunting myself by laying out my beach bag and looking at tumblr gifs of hipsters in the sand. I really need a holiday! These floral H&M swimming trunks I got on sale, the bag is by Veritas and customised by me and the magazine is the hilarious 10Men.

Where are you guys going to escape from the toils of first world life?

July 07, 2012


You know what's crazy? Flowers, man. Green and bendy stems, adorned with leaves and sometimes thorns, that have an array of colours and scents for a crown. You know what's crazier? These little gems are strewn, randomly by the Lord Jesús, wherever there's a patch of soil. Dirt! Even zanier is the fact that some people's job is to beautifully arrange these dirt-grown creatures and sell them for a fierce buck. Only to have them die a week later atop someone's living room table, caged in a vase. Every flower has a meaning, forming an intricate language allowing our Victorian forefathers to communicate when they were not at liberty to speak out loud. Cray. It saddens me that boys never seem to receive flowers, because I for one love them dearly, especially peonies. But what I love even more is a good floral print. It's not easy for men to pull off without looking like a complete fop. I love how Italian brand MSGM (I first wrote about them 2 years ago, still obsessed) has managed to make florals cool and street. Aren't you in love?