July 07, 2012


You know what's crazy? Flowers, man. Green and bendy stems, adorned with leaves and sometimes thorns, that have an array of colours and scents for a crown. You know what's crazier? These little gems are strewn, randomly by the Lord Jesús, wherever there's a patch of soil. Dirt! Even zanier is the fact that some people's job is to beautifully arrange these dirt-grown creatures and sell them for a fierce buck. Only to have them die a week later atop someone's living room table, caged in a vase. Every flower has a meaning, forming an intricate language allowing our Victorian forefathers to communicate when they were not at liberty to speak out loud. Cray. It saddens me that boys never seem to receive flowers, because I for one love them dearly, especially peonies. But what I love even more is a good floral print. It's not easy for men to pull off without looking like a complete fop. I love how Italian brand MSGM (I first wrote about them 2 years ago, still obsessed) has managed to make florals cool and street. Aren't you in love?

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