August 25, 2010

Mi Piace MSGM*

While shopping with the fabulous S. of Yes Please Mademoiselle today, I came across a new Italian womenswear brand I wasn't too aware of before, called MSGM. Being the fashion-sleuth I am, I googled it at home afterwards to find out what they were about. 
To be honest, I'd already forgotten their name, so after a few unfruitful queries like 'MFMG' or 'MSFG' I finally discovered their website. Not only that, I also found that they have a menswear line!
Well, colour me intrigued, I checked out every look in the lookbook and a pleasant feeling of surprise crept up to me: I liked it. A lot.
Am I alone in thinking this feels very Scandinavian and not that Italian at all?
Love it!

* I like MSGM
F/W 2010 Collection


pirat_E said...

awesome! wish I could wear these but, here in hawaii I would probably die from a heat stroke...


rideronthest0rm said...

Very very - very Scandinavian indeed.

Immi said...

@Pirat_E : Aww, well you could wear the t-shirt in the first look?:-)
@Rider: Oh, yay, glad you agree :).

STEFANIE said...

I'd forgotten about it already -silly me! It's a good thing I have you so I would actually remember looking up cool brands like this AND style me! :D THANK YOU FOR THE LOVELY AFTERNOON XO