July 31, 2010

Tales of a Post-Modern Summer. Part FIVE

It has come this far.
It's the season finale.
It's the 'Omigad-why-did-they-kill-off-Marissa-I-will-never-forgive-you-Josh-Schwartz' moment.
[No but seriously, when they killed off Marissa Cooper, they killed Mischa Barton. I mean, what has she been doing lately asides from accumulating cellulite and not putting her patented California slurred speech to good - acting - use? Miss you, Mushy!]
I digress.
Thunderbolt and lightning, this post-modern pentalogy had to come to an end one day. And what better place to end it all than the beach?

Part V of V
"Beach Bonfire"
Crackle. Snap. Pop. 
Flames roaring, bottles popping, sand chafing. 
It's the end of a day of sun-soaking and swimming and you're setting the beach alight, looking like a summer paradox in macabre McQueen.
Stumble. Trip. Scream.
Insane laughter, inebriated inappropriateness, all-round glee.
Baby, you can light my fire.

Entire look: Alexander McQueen


The Calvin Show said...

I knew that Marissa was gonna get killed but when it happened, I was literally crying my eyes out on the phone w/ my BFF Courtney who was crying her eyes out. Anyway! Robyn? Yes. The Drums? Unfortunately no! :( Alexander McQueen? I'm not a big fan of skulls, but I would fill that bag with everything and tote it around like mad.

Lee said...

OhMyGosh, I just mentioned The O.C. in my last post just there! Weird! I may still be mourning Marissa's death, the show died with her. Did not care for the last season. I do however care a lot for those McQueen high-tops. Lovely!

expresswhatyoufeel said...

love these style,,thanks

staysuperfit said...

i love all of these my goodness

Immi said...

Thanks, guys!