July 16, 2010

Hey Jay!

Jay Baruchel and I, we go way back. And by 'way back' I mean that I've liked him since I've first spotted him, and that he has no clue who the freaking hell I am. I don't know why I enjoy his work that much, I guess because he was in my favourite film EVARR - Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist - and that he's a tad geeky but in a cool way. Oh, and he's Canadian and everybody knows that Canada is the Europe of North America, right? I even forced one of my BFF's to google his name on his mobile phone in Barcelona - which was totally expensive - because I was freaking out that I couldn't remember his name. So now he and his name are forever engraved in the lobes of my brain. So why am I talking about J.B. (yeah, that's how I call him now, that's how I roll)? He's in August's issue of American GQ and he's looking really fine in those stylish outfits. Pick up an issue or check it out here!
 images: www.gq.com / photos by Ben Watts

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