July 08, 2010


When I'm out shopping, there's a special kind of system I use to determine whether a piece of clothing is worth purchasing or not. Here's an exclusive look into my head when I'm on a wardrobe witch hunt. I'll just put my wand to my head and pull out the memories and place them into the Pensieve (for some of you, that made total sense, others will think I've gone barmy). I'm just so excited for Harry Potter 7 to come out! Can you tell I'm excited? I'm really excited! Crazy eyes! Heavy panting!
I'm sorry about that. Where were we? Ah, yes, my head! Warning, I get pretty brutal sometimes! Take a look-see...

"Ladida, I'm walking down the streets, looking at the shops. Ohmifeckinglord what is she wearing? I hate harem pants. I'm hungry. Ooh, I like that store, I saw that thing that looked like that other expensive thing there once I liked. Hmm.. everything looks kinda generic. Seen that, don't like that. Those shoes are kind of cu- Oh, no pointy tips, mental barf. Next! Ooh, those tranny heels would be perfect for my sister. Next store! Dare I go in? I hate it when there are guards at the door. Ah, what the hell, I look kind of rich today. Ooh, shiny! I'm touching the 3000 euro lambskin bag! Are those? Is that? Oh em gee: I DIE!"

I told you it wasn't pretty! When I'm on the prowl for apparel, I get so shallow you couldn't drown a mosquito in my thoughts. Sure, brainwork like that won't win me the Pulitzer if I turn it into a memoir or grant me Mensa membership, but all of that doesn't matter when I get the 'I DIE' moment. Two simple words and I'm smitten. I die. If I don't 'die', it's not happening.
Now that's a whole lot of vocables for a straight-forward concept, but I just like writing a longer piece every now and then. You're still here? Good. 
If you haven't smashed your face into the keyboard with boredom yet, you're probably wondering what my GENIUS title has to do with anything of this. As you may know, sometimes articles of clothing haunt me, and I'm afraid I must announce I'm dealing with another sartorial poltergeist.
Riccardo Tisci, you ruin me! I am completely besotted by these S/S '10 Givenchy - sometimes studded - mandals! 
When I first laid eyes on these puppies a few months back, I thought they were way extreme, but they grew on me like Ron on Hermione (here I go again, stop me!). So it's fair to say, that yours truly not just dies by seeing them, I freaking asphyxiate and tip over.
Now everytime I hear chic footsteps (yes, those exist) my brain is like:

"Supahfiercestuddedsandals, is datchu?".

photo by Tommy Ton of Jak&Jil


Lee said...

S/S10 Givenchy, *droooools* I totally know what you mean. Those sandals are just orgasmic, I'm also having a moment with those gorgeous Prada creations from the S/S11 collection.

Immi said...

Hear, hear, brother! :)

heleen said...

Harry Potter gekte + het woord 'ladida' + de mogelijkheid om in iemands brein rond te zwalpen, ohoho I like!

Vivre² said...

Hahaha, schitterende post :D Mijn oppervlakkig brein werkt op net dezelfde manier en wanneer ik het "i die"-punt bereikt heb, kan ik over niks anders praten. =)