September 21, 2009

Poker Face: Tested

As a professional journalist - double cough - it's my deific duty in life to do fieldwork so I can give personal recommendations and share my neverending knowledge - quadruple cough - with my trusty reader(s).
We all know the face is the money, so I don't just schmear anything on it. I don't care if goatcheese yoghurt with mint leaves could freshen my face up for a natural glow, I want 'active anti-pollution components' (Clarins Men Moisture Balm - $29,50) and 'Peruvian Maca root' (The Body Shop Energetic Face Protector Moisturizing and Firming Cream ($18) and Revitalising Face Wash ($12)). Tested both, and liked them equally.
The Clarins one is of a thicker substance, and slightly more fragrant. The Body Shop moisturizer is nice and runny, so you just need a little splotch for the entire face, and the face wash gives an invigoratingly fresh feeling.
So, hold the goatcheese yoghurt and mint leaves for dipping nachos in (gross) and try these two.
Tell them I sent you.

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