September 04, 2012


I have a confession to make: I've never ever owned a pair of Levi's.. *thunderclaps and ominous organ music*. As a result, I was quite excited when Levi's invited me to come check out their fully equipped Kammenstraat store in Antwerp last week! The nifty thing about this store is that it carries every single Levi's subdivision. The lady bloggers got fondled and measured and tried on the famous Curve Id's, while I got to pick my own Best of Levi's . I went for a slightly more baggy fit - summer of streetwise Immi, remember? - and was told these would last me for fifteen years! Incredible, huh? Fashion school alumnus and delectably funny Nathalie of the Merrymakers inspected the inner seams and told me my pair was well made, so I feel quite reassured. I'll get back to you on the state of them in fifteen years, deal?


Pics by my homegurl Annebeth

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