January 13, 2010

Sneak Peek

Some of you don't know what they're having for dinner.
Some people made a menu weeks before.
Some of you don't know what to wear when they get up in the morning.
Some people already laid out a carefully picked out, colour coded, dry-cleaned series of ensembles in matching garment bags.
So for those of you that like to plan ahead and already know what they are wearing next autumn and winter, here's an exclusive preview of Commonwealth Utilities A/W 2010 collection.
I love the unfussy simplicity, ton-sur-ton combinations, and muted colour palette. These pieces should make for excellent wardrobe staples.

Model: Gavin Grymes
Photographer: Deborah Park
Styling: Anthony Keegan


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful collection!!
So chic! I would DIE for the coat on the first picture and that suit on the 4th! Good job Ghostboy! U always inspire me!

Ghostboy said...

Thank you for the lovely comment!

Charleston said...

hey hey. i got an email from this fantastic brand too! I really like the thick feel to the materials, looking sophisticated but subtly grungey at the same time! keep up the great posts as you do!


Ghostboy said...

I couldn't have said it better, Charleston!

Yentl said...

Waaw, how do you always do it gdi! It really is a wonderful collection! Thx for posting!!

La Société de Mode | The Fashion Society said...

Love the sophisticated and simple style. Indeed, these pieces scream "wardrobe staples". Great find.

La Société de mode | The Fashion Society

Graham I. Haynes said...

"unfussy simplicity"
well said.

definitely great basics, all.
the 2nd look catches my eye the most.

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