January 12, 2010

Kings Of Style-on: Part Deux

You all may know I'm an avid Kings Of Leon fan, and when the news came they were collaborating with Surface To Air, who are also the bee's knees to me, I was positively thrilled! 
Well now, the images and prices are out and I'm still pretty stoked: the collection has their signature air of effortless cool. The pieces almost feel like a 'rockstar beginner's kit'.
However, the price point isn't for beginners: the lovely leather jacket will liberate you of a hefty £739, the boots are £361, the plaid shirt is £112 and the jeans £140. There's even a bandana in the collection that costs £65!
But I guess that's just chunks of change for real rockstars.

(sources: www.vogue.co.uk, www.images.google.com