January 25, 2010

La Belgique C'est Chique (Part Quatre)

Exalted by many, truly understood by few, his maison has long outgrown the borders of my petite country.
Not many do quirky like we do, and the man I'm talking about sure takes quirky to a whole new level. Of course I'm talking about fellow Belgian Martin Margiela.
He and his team succesfully created a global empire over the years, yet one would not know him if they passed him by on the street. 
Remaining anonymous but uncompromisingly innovative, Margiela is one of those designers you just can't quite put your finger on.
Strange numeric labels, deconstructed clothing, the trademark four white pick stitches and the fact that he might not have been designing for his own label for quite some time now all just adds to the mystery.
I picked out my favourites from this season (with the stripey background) and the next one.

(source: www.gq.com