February 14, 2010

Long Live McQueen

I was in no way prepared to hear the news of Lee Alexander McQueen's death last Thursday.
McQueen was a man overflowing with stupendous creative genius and despite all the incredible critical acclaim, he was still just a man.
Whenever someone takes their own life, the people left behind are confused, hurt and full of questions. 
And even though we won't ever really understand why, we can undeniably say that his death truly is a great loss: there's no one quite like him out there and replacing him for the brand is almost impossible as he was only 40 years old and not some dusty old fashion house that needed reviving. 
So what's to happen to this incredible label, that most people know from the stylish silk skull scarves and Lady GaGa 'Bad Romance' outfits?
The future's unclear, but we'll all miss him and forever remember his impact on  the fashion industry.

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Genesis said...

I think I loved him =(