February 06, 2010

Be Stupid Enough To Find Somebody To Love

Diesel's new ad campaigns make me giggle.
Leighton Meester's 'Somebody To Love' gives me respiratory problems.
Ergo, this blog post has reduced me to a chuckling asthmatic.


STEFANIE said...

hahaha =) love it!

Anonymous said...

Fabulousss! You're the guy I constantly run in to on the Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat. Just bumped into you by clicking, saw your picture and gazed, what a coincident! Also a friend of Vincent Van Reusel?


Ghostboy said...

Thanks Stefanie!
And Astrid: Haha, yeah what a coincidence! Ghent is a small town after all... I know Vincent a bit through the fashion world, isn't it awesome that he's going to be at NY fashion week?

Anonymous said...

Yeah my fingers hurted from all the obligated voting :). I'm excited for him! Just wondering a) what do you study and b) why the hell are we speaking English and c) the next time I see you, say hi?!



Anonymous said...

I actually really hate this ad campaign.

Ghostboy said...

@Astrid: haha, ja waarom eigelijk :) Ik heb ook flink gestemd en kijk het heeft gewerkt! Ik studeer rechten en jij? Ik zou wel zwaaien maar ik weet eigelijk niet hoe je eruit ziet?:D
Friend requesten die handel!

@anonymous: you don't have to like it:)

NoƩmie K said...

excellent post dear !!
Have a wonderful week-end !

Anonymous said...

I hope I didn't come off as jerky!

Lorraine Fonseca said...

I love those Diesel's campaign!

And I don't understand the video... Why does she have to do that? I had resipratory problems too '-_-

I love your blog by the way ; )

A belgian Blogger