June 19, 2011

You're A Gem, Mister Siem

Handsome, talented and stylish. In no particular order are these the first words that come to mind when I think of Charlie Siem. This young British violin virtuoso has taken the world by storm with his unmatched skills and striking appearance. I'm always in want of some new style inspiration, and I just love Siem's quintessentially British sense of poise and distinction. What he lacks in age, he makes up for with talent, an inherent flair for the finer things in life and positivity. And who can resist that accent? The fashion world also fully embraces Charlie, as he is one of the new ambassadors for dunhill and he was shot for the latest issue of VMAN. Basically, he makes me want to excel at what I do and perhaps pick up my bassoon every once in a while!
What do you guys think of Mr. Siem?

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