June 23, 2011

I'm so excited and I just can't Haider

Besides the fact that that is the best/worst title I've ever let escape from these fingertips to your cornea's, I truly love this Haider Ackermann vest. It's subtle and supple, the right shade of navy black and just goes with everything. Because 'everything' is super vague, I added some other items I thought would look good with it. But if you'd decide to only wear the vest, I wouldn't hold it against you.
LOL J/K put some clothes on, nasty!

Vest: Haider Ackermann (BELGIUM! BELGIUM! BELGIUM!)
Top, shorts and gladiator sandals: OAK NYC
Sunglasses: SUPER
Backpack: Phillip Lim
Bracelet: Balenciaga via LN-CC

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