June 04, 2011

Take Me To Your Weiland

Okay, so for those of you who don't speak Dutch: 'weiland' means 'pasture'. It is also the surname of the label I'm currently obsessed with: Timo Weiland!
I saw this look in FIASCO Magazine and squealed with glee! 
I do that, I squeal.
The amazing red jacket and those desert boots just stabbed me in the eye with their splendor, so I did some googling and discovered they were Weiland's designs. 
[Those mesh leather/cotton shorts are by Dominic Louis, by the way, and are also totally rocking!]

The design team consists of partners Timo Weiland and Alan Eckstein. They both have a deep passion for European history and want to 'reinstate the art of dressing'. They also do womenswear, for you ladies who are reading, and it's exquisite. Check out some of these great looks for spring/summer (and autumn/winter) 2011, after the jump!

What do you think? Equally enamored with the Weiland aesthetic?
(As you know by now, I love gratuitous music videos at the end of posts. They don't really mean anything but accompany the theme of the posts very well, in my opinion.)

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