June 03, 2011

What's In My Bag?

I go totally fangirl over 'What's In My Bag' blog posts! I do! If you have a bag, and you're a blogger, I wanna know what's in it! It's the nature of the beast, I guess, and finding out personal details about total strangers is my raison d'ĂȘtre. So if any of you are like me, you'll be happy to find out what I schlep around on a day-to-day basis. I've got this huge bag by River Island that I love, here's what's inside:

  • Scarf (Cold Method): because I'm crazy afraid of ever being too cold!
  • Facial and hand cream (Kiehl's): I love these creams, they're super moisturizing, as my skin is always desiccated (oh, western troublez).
  • Perfume (Burberry) and deodorant (Rexona): pretty self-explanatory, homeboy's gotta smell nice right?
  • Notebook (Moleskine): Because that, my friend, is a compulsory accessory if you want to be a journalist/blogger who takes himself seriously.
  • Fash mag (Another Man): Because public transport is dull and this counts as an accessory too.
  • Pen (Parker): This is a clever device I use to put words on paper.
  • Sunglasses (dunhill): I love these vintage-inspired frames to death. They make me feel like I'm in The Great Gatsby and will therefore never part with these. Timeless!
  • Wallet and keys (Marc by Marc Jacobs): The neon blue of these necessary pieces are perfect for in summer, and I love the Union Jack keychain my bffl gave me :-). 
  • Emergency bow tie (my dad's): I always have that with me, because I'm Chuck Bass in my head and one never knows if one is invited to a chic black tie dinner party last-minute!
  • My phone (Nokia) and iPod (+ Urbanears headphones) : NEVER leave the house without, I am addicted to these three items! Like, I'm getting emotional just writing this.
So, that's what's in my bag. If you feel inspired and want to share what's inside yours: please do! Like, seriously, do it.

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