May 12, 2012


This week has been a chain of wonders. I came in second in my category at the Weekend Blog Awards, which is a massive honour. It was a perfect evening and seeing all my best friends in blogging again was a true delight. Shout-out to my '9000 crew', Ghentstreetstyle, for the crazy ride! And thank you, all of you, for voting so arduously. Oh, and I know it seems like I wear that burgundy blazer every day. But that's only because I do.
Ü represent with powerhouse manager Marie and Handsome Hannes (phot. W. Van Vaerenbergh)

With the amazing Tom & Stijn of I Love Belgium (phot. by Kim Siroyt)
I also had the most interesting meeting ever, received some exhilarating e-mails (excuse the obligatory blogger mystery, all will be clear in due time). 
You know how, for a long time, life can make you feel as if you're on a creaky tobogan to Nowhere? But then there are days you don't know what to look forward to or marvel at first? This week has been a case of the latter, and I'm so grateful. 
So here's a cheers to Cloud Nine, to feelings of accomplishment and to being young. Youth isn't everything and it sure can be a massive disadvantage when you're trying to figure things out. But it's the lunacy of living life in complete insecurity, of never knowing where the hell you'll be in a few years time that makes it worth the while. 'Youth is wasted on the young', arid malcontents say. Wrong!
I'm savouring every minute.

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