March 02, 2010

"Take a picture, it'll last longer! Or, like, put that picture on a t-shirt for maximum longevity?"

Not only is this the longest blog title in the history of Style For Guys, it's also my favourite one.
In fact, I'm not sure I should even write anything else because this titular gem has already said it all: photographic tees are the shiz (which is young-people speak for 'awesome', mother).
The t-shirt may well be the most basic yet underappreciated piece of clothing, but it's incredible versatility and comfort is not to be trifled with!
Instead of failing to acknowledge Mr. Tee's (amazing pun #327) amazingness, why not proudly put him on display?
These next photographic tees will not suffer any fools and are meant to be seen!
I love them, ergo, so should you (please).

From top to bottom:
Christopher Kane (€202)
Bless (€275)
Diesel (€221)



Charleston said...

really interesting prints on show! politics meets artistic fashion prints! I must admit, particularly with the womenswear, I find Christopher Kane a little over-rated, but there's no denying he gives the young fashion enthusiasts what they want.

hope alls well with you blogging pen pal of mine!

The Calvin Show said...

That Christopher Kane shirt displays how I feel on the inside PERFECTLY. Oh, the life I lead.