March 13, 2010

"Really?" - "Yeah, TOTES."

The tote bag is one of the most practical and unisex accessories I know: you can just throw all your random crap in it and go. To the shops, lectures or the beach; your trustworthy tote will accompany you everywhere you go. 
You could get all D.I.Y. and make one yourself, which would be totally creative, original and street-savvy.
Or you could just buy one.
There's such a panoply of different sizes, fabrics and colours of totes to choose from; it could be a luxurious lambskin one you bring with you aboard a yacht or it could be the old 'I-got-this-for-free-somewhere-and-it's-covered-in-bicycle-chain-grease-and-grass-stains-but-I-won't-part-with-it tote'.
There are different totes for every personality, so I did what I love most and divided all of mankind into three nifty categories because 'simplified' is the new 'Kafkaesque'.

1. The hipster cool dude everyone wants to be friends with on Facebook.
This Henrik Vibskov tote (€55) is perfect for the guy that's always at the hottest parties and has permanently perfect bed-hair. Envious, moi?

2. The suave Italian jet-setter with teeth so bright, they have their own solar system.
This is a man that goes through life in the finest leather loafers, has 'Non mi importa quanto costa, coglione!'* tattooed on his forehead and a Vogue Uomo in his Prada tote (€1905).

3. You.
If you're reading this, it means that you most likely enjoy this blog or at least take the time to read what I write before hating it. In case of the first, why not get this simple Ralph Lauren tote ($145) with the Style For Guys initials on it? 

* Italian for: "I don't care how much it costs, bitch!"


Trop Rouge said...

ooh i want to see my man with nice.

Charleston said...

I love the idea of being a 'suave italian jet setter.' a bag like this is most definately on my 'to buy list'.

Graham I. Haynes said...

Good picks all. The second one definitely inspires envy in me most (for those who have it). It's brill that you found one with your blog's initials!