July 04, 2011

Summer Style Influencer: Juan Cocco

I've been following this handsome young Spaniard's blog for over a year now, so it's high time to share with you guys the glory that is Juan Cocco. He's only 21 but has this amazing sense of laid-back-yet-not-lazy style. His pictures make looking stylish so effortless, yet there's a thorough knowledge of fashion that goes behind this. He looks like the guy you just want to be friends with and knows where all the fun stuff goes down. You just want to crack open some Coronas on the beach with him! He mixes vintage pieces with young brands and established designers.
Juan Cocco is my summer style influencer #1! Do you guys like his style?
You go, Juan Cocco!
Mean Girls references for the win.

All photos copyright of Juan Cocco on www.mrjuancocco.blogspot.com

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